Bowling in Shenzhen

Now Shenzhen   |   August 25, 2021

There are various places in Shenzhen where you can go bowling. Though it could take some time to find. The lanes in those alleys are generally well maintained but most are old. The bowling software is in English and if you cannot understand it, the staff always lends a hand. But only some of them can speak English.

Normally you pay per game, so if you and your friend play 5 games each, the total will be 10 games + shoe rent. Bowling costs around 8-12 RMB per game and shoes cost around 5 RMB per person. The price varies from time. There are always some events that have cheaper price at specific period. You can search for this kind of information in our website whenever they have.

Some alleys would not close until very late in the night. Normally they offer alcohol drinks and the price of beer is about 10 RMB per bottle. They allow smoking at most time and the air may not so fresh inside the building.

If you really like bowling you can buy some professional bowling equipments in most alleys. However those equipments are hard to find in the common sports shops.

In those alleys you can meet many people from Hong Kong and make lots of friends. However, there are really few bowling groups in Shenzhen, but you can take part in some small competition in some bowling alleys. Since bowling alleys are not rare in Shenzhen, no matter which district you live, you can always find some places to play.

Below are some bowling alleys in Shenzhen:

Nanshan: Shenzhen University Bowling Alley. 深大保龄球馆 (click to view more)

Phone: 0755-26732692, 0755-26534409

Address: 深圳大学北门

North Entrance of the Shenzhen University. (just before the swimming pool turn right and enter the building on your right.)

Has lots of lanes and is quite cheap. But it may be crowded since it is kind of free for students in university. The atmosphere is active and you can have a visit around the university after bowling. The service and administration is not as good as other places and the machine is easily got broken.

Futian: Qiuwang Bowling Center 球王保龄中心 (click to view more)

Phone: 0755-83254036

Address: 福田区红荔西路22栋万源大厦首层

Wanyuan building 1st floor, Hongli west road, Futian District

It could be the most famous bowling center in Shenzhen. You can find many professional players and learn from them. Every Wednesday they hold a small competition here, which is attracting. In the evening or weekend, you need to wait for available lane for several minutes. Qiuwang located just in Huaqiangbei, so the parking site is few and you can walk around to buy some electronics products.

Xinjing Bowling Alley 惞景保龄球馆 (click to view more)

Phone: 755-2785-6682

Address: 深圳市宝安区25区前进一路好百年家居广场六楼

6F, Haobainian Building, Qianjin Yi Lu, 25th Region of Bao’an District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: 10:00-01:00 (Mon-Fri); 09:00-01:00 (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

This is the best option for people living west of the city centre, Nanshan in particular. Situated in a large plaza and opposite a row of nightclubs (Face Alive and Royal 88 are local favourites), Xinjing bowling alley is located on the 6th floor of a non-descript building with giant stone elephants outside. Prices for games here vary depending on the time of day (early afternoon will be 6 RMB and late evening on weekends 18 RMB), but the staffs are friendly and keen to have foreigners around. You’ll rarely need to wait for a lane. There are plenty of Ping-Pong and snooker tables as well for those who get a bit fed up of hefting the heavier balls around.

Xinjing Bowling Shop, Bao’an

Jinfute Bowling Club 金福特保龄球俱乐部 (click to view more)

Address: 深圳市盐田区深沙路群利大厦B座3F

3F, Bldg B, Qunli Dasha, Shensha Lu, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Phone: 755-2573-2988
Opening hours: 09:30-02:00

This bowling alley is sandwiched between a KTV club, a church and a highly disreputable looking massage parlour, on the 3rd floor of a non-descript building just over the Luohu/Yantian border in Shatoujiao (沙头角). A game costs 6 RMB, shoes are 5 RMB, and there are never more than two lanes occupied at a time, so if you decide to come with a large group then it can end up being your own private room. Better yet, beer is cheap (5-15 RMB depending on brand), and there’s an English-speaking home-style pizza place two blocks away called Windsorborough (755 2555 1211) that delivers to the alley.


Bowling is really healthy and gentle sports for entertaining, body building(once an American had played bowling for whole day and lost 5Kg weight), or making friends(it’s interesting that in China, government officers now adopts a new habbit-inviting other officers to play bowling instead of eating together). So you can check information of bowling alleys in ShenzhenParty and find a nearest one to have a nice weekend with familys and friends.