Louhu District Police – Keeping You Safe while You Shop, Save and Enjoy

Now Shenzhen   |   September 1, 2021

Luohu District is located at the southern portion of the Shenzhen territory and has 10 subdistricts. Louho is known as a shopping district. Infrastructures where put up on a flattened hill, so they house a variety shopping places. Counterfeit goods can be bought in this district. Aside from the shopping spree that tourists can enjoy in the town, a dazzling nightlife awaits the partygoer.

In Shenzhen, most of the populated districts frequented by tourists and local is manned by well trained police personnel. Police Stations in Shenzhen are fully equipped with the latest system security that reacts to emergencies with just a phone call away. Shenzhen‘s top business districts maintain police branches. These branches intensify security by police visibility located along every major road and point in each district.

Each business district allots more than 2 substations. The greater the area, the more substations are provided to attend to the security needs of the different places. One police station in Shenzhen is Futian District Police. It has five sub-precincts that regularly man the perimeter. Nanyuan District Police calls out to four sub-precincts to check out distress alerts made in the vicinity. Louhu District Police maintains twice the number of the subprecincts in Nanyuan. Bao’an and Longgang Districts secures the busy areas with over a dozen sub-stations.

Luohu District Police, the third largest business capital in the whole of Shenzhen, has eight satellite offices that guarantee a safe stroll and passage in and around the district. Dongmen police station is situated at Renmin North Road. The Nanhu police station safeguards the stretch of the Nanhu Road. Guiyuan Police Station provides safety for passers on Songyuan Road. Huangbei Police Station protects the outskirts of Huali Road. Cuishu police Station freezes crime commission right around the corner of Shuitian 1st Street along Tianbei 4th Road. Sungang Police Station minimizes disturbances on Baogang Road. Donghu Police Station is holsterd along the Taibai Road. And, Liantang police Station secures the peripheries of Liantang.

The Louhu District office together with all other district stations in the Shenzhen area uses dial 110 security system to attend to distress calls made by foreigners who doesn’t know the local numbers of nearby police stations. For civilians, the following phone numbers may be dialled to talk or seek assistance from the local police in the Louho District : Dongmen 0755-82237352; 82227496-203 ; Nanhu 0755-82239119; 82239261 ; Guiyuan 0755-25595314 ; Huangbei 0755-25401471; 25413195 ; Cuizhu 0755-25530840; 25537101 ; Sungang 0755-82432463 ; Donghu 0755-25511808; 25803338 ; Liantang 0755-25708907; 25737603

It is always best to travel safe and sound. Security is not one to be taken for granted when you intend to enjoy reminiscing about your worthwhile vacations. There is nothing to worry about when having a vacation getaway in Shenzhen.

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