Congratulations to the SIS Class of 2024!

Now Shenzhen   |   June 11, 2024

The Class of 2024 at Shekou International School (SIS) recently celebrated their remarkable achievements during a week-long graduation celebration. From the memorable G12 trip to the heartfelt traditions and inspiring ceremony, the week was filled with joy, tears, and an overwhelming sense of pride.

On May 23rd, the SIS community honoured the graduating Class of 2024 in the heartwarming Clap Out tradition. Students from all grade levels, from early years to secondary, gathered at the three campuses to express their admiration and best wishes to the G12 graduates. 

As the graduates made their way through the halls of the Net Valley campus, they were met with heartfelt messages from their teachers. These educators, who played a crucial role in their academic and personal growth, shared emotional hugs with the graduates, creating enduring memories in the hearts of all who witnessed this beautiful farewell. 

May 24th marked the pinnacle of the graduation celebration. With 31 graduates in attendance, the ceremony was an intimate affair honouring each student’s unique journey and accomplishments. 

The ceremony commenced with an inspiring welcome address from Mr. Matthew Doige, the Secondary Principal. He paid tribute to the Class of 2024’s educational exploration and encouraged the graduates to embrace the unknown, as life’s unexpected moments often hold the most extraordinary experiences. 

The head of school, Mr. Harish Kanabar, witnessed the graduates’ remarkable growth during seven years at SIS and commended the Class of 2024 for their hard work and perseverance. Using a humorous analogy, he illustrated that high school graduation is merely the beginning of life’s roller coaster ride. He emphasised the value of lifelong learning and empowered the graduates to approach the world with kindness, curiosity, and humility. 

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of diplomas. With immense pride, the graduates received their hard-earned diplomas. Their journey through the rigorous IB Diploma Programme has shaped them into resilient individuals, ready to take on new challenges and positively impact the world. 

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Following the Graduation Ceremony, the celebration continued with a delightful Banquet. The evening commenced with a heartfelt toast to the parents. Their unwavering support and dedication to their children’s success were acknowledged and celebrated.

During the graduation banquet, SIS honoured graduates who demonstrated academic excellence, made extraordinary efforts, and showcased inspiring leadership throughout their time at SIS.

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