Hugo Dufournet, your Osteopath, speaking the Language of Healing through hands

Now Shenzhen   |   May 14, 2024

” When I was a child, I was particularly fond of sports and interested in trying all kinds of relevant activities. Since I often got injured and received a lot of treatments, when choosing my major, I naturally had a tendency.”

Hugo Dufournet, Rehabilitation Consultant of Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital

Consultant Hugo is a certified Osteopath D.O with his Master’s degree in Osteopathy.

Compared with M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) and the traditional School of Allopathic Medicine well known among people, College of Osteopathic Medicine is less famous in China. They are different mainly in medical philosophy.

Allopathic medicine emphasizes treating symptoms and diseases directly with mainstream medical practices, such as surgery and medication; while osteopathic medicine applies the whole-person approach to help patients achieve a high level of wellness by comprehensive analysis and prevention.[1]

The learning experience in College of Osteopathic Medicine has influenced Hugo’s medical philosophy. During his service process, Hugo focuses on the importance of communication and whole-person concept.

Communication is the Key to Everything

Unlike clinical medicine, which targets diseases, rehabilitation goes beyond that and focuses on the health of the whole person. Both physical and mental issues are what rehabilitation needs to consider and address.

“I believe that communication is the key to all relationships.” To this end, Hugo spends a lot of time in each consultation to learn about the patient’s lifestyle, exercise habits, and other details, in order to get to the root of the problem. “Once a patient came to visit me because of leg pain. He complained of sequelae caused by sports injuries. Through communication and medical examination, we found that the main reason was improper sports posture. After adjusting his posture, the pain was effectively relieved.” A simple symptom of “leg pain” can be traced back to daily habits, which is inseparable from adequate communication, as well as a strong knowledge network.

Rehabilitation is a cumulative process that usually takes weeks, months, or even years to be effective, making the cooperation of patients and their families particularly important. “For different diseases, rehabilitation therapists need to choose appropriate treatment plans based on individual condition. It is very important for patients to clearly know why they need a certain treatment, which is conducive to their later collaboration.”

Manual Therapy: Warm Doctor-Patient Interaction

With the development of rehabilitation medicine, instruments and equipment provide convenient conditions for tracing the deep causes of patients’ symptoms. However, physical examination and manual therapy still matter a lot in modern rehabilitation medicine.

Manual therapy is internationally recognized as an effective rehabilitation treatment method. Compared to surgery and medication, manual therapy emphasizes more on the fact that the body is interconnected and unified. In addition to individual symptom (e.g., trauma, chronic pain, etc.), various factors such as the patient’s lifestyle and living environment, should also be taken into consideration to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach.[1-2]

Hugo is certified in Osteopathy and excels in musculoskeletal techniques, chiropractic techniques and visceral manipulation. He advocates manual therapy based on sufficient communication and assessment. “Different symptoms have their corresponding techniques. If it is joint adhesion, then joint mobilization will be preferred; if there is a problem with soft tissue fascia, then myofascial release therapy is the best choice.” Only adequate interaction can help make better judgments. The “hand memory” also requires patient’s active cooperation.

“Patients need to actively tell the therapist how they feel so that the movements in manual therapy can be adjusted timely. While the therapist communicates with the patient’s body through his hands, he also needs feedback from the patient.” This two-way communication strengthens the value of rehabilitation.

Therapist Wang Yuqi provides rehabilitation training for patient under the guidance of Hugo

Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Patient Rehabilitation

Cooperation between Rehabilitation and multiple other disciplines are in line with the development of modern medicine. “As a comprehensive hospital, Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital has natural advantages in the development of Rehabilitative Medicine. I believe that in the future, there will be more MDT innovations to benefit patients.”

Hugo holds the view that in recent years, rehabilitation has become increasingly important and popular, while numerous practitioners from fitness industry who lack professional medical knowledge and training bring health risks. They cannot really solve patients’ problems. Therefore, ” Rehabilitative Medicine must take the initiative to carry out more multidisciplinary practice, so that patients can receive timely and comprehensive treatment inside and outside of rehabilitation.”

Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital brings experienced rehabilitation therapists and doctors in Orthopedics, Surgery, and other fields together. With professional clinical team, advanced medical technology and equipment, and MDT integration, we are committed to providing holistic healthcare services for each patient’s unique needs.

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