SIS & Little Wish | Illuminating the Dreams of Special Children

Now Shenzhen   |   May 21, 2024
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Recently, SIS and Little Wish·Micro Charity joined hands to fulfill the dreams of children in need. The partnership, one of many community partnerships SIS has established, was created to help provide service to a local organisation and work together to help elevate both local communities and SIS students on a journey towards long-term personal well-being and the well-being of the wider world.   

In February and March, Grade 9 and 10 students explored ways they could provide a service to the broader community, with four Grade 10 students and seventeen Grade 9 students choosing to support families in need through the Little Wish organisation. The stories of the families deeply resonated with our students and inspired them to take action. In their efforts to impact the families of Little Wish and to develop global citizenship competencies, students raised funds and were selected. They purchased the gifts and planned and coordinated a reception to make meaningful connections with the families.

Throughout the process, SIS students demonstrated the IB Learner Profile, researching and learning how to support an organisation like Little Wish and children with needs, showing empathy and respect to the families and taking the responsibility of contributing to the community.  

On May 12th, the students held the reception at the Bay campus with six special families and the Little Wish organisers. They spent a memorable time with SIS students and teachers, participating in social activities, enjoying painting and crafting, and having fun on the playground as they shared stories and got to know each other better.

A heartwarming moment included the students giving the gift wishes to the families, knowing these items would help them and bring happiness. As the children received their gifts, their faces lit up with bright smiles. The mother of one of the children, Xiaoze, expressed her profound gratitude to the SIS students and teachers, saying, “Thank you for your thoughtful preparation. You have made us feel immense warmth and care.” 

To provide families with further support, SIS opened their Mianfei Bay, which allowed the families to select suitable living supplies, clothing, children’s toys, and more. The reception concluded with everyone sharing gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the thoughtful arrangements and the uplifting reception. 

Mr. Todd Brink, the Secondary School Assistant Principal, stated, “Service learning is an important part of our curriculum and the IB Programme. As IB learners, students focus on their academic development and build the skills and competencies for community engagement and development.” He further emphasised that SIS would continue to strengthen its connection with the community, with the aim of inspiring our students to become principled, innovative contributors in a transforming world.  

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