Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – Jan 30: Chinese New Year Comes to a Close as Covid Fades

Now Shenzhen   |   January 30, 2023

Dear Shenzhen-er,

Covid News will still constitue half of todays Roundup. I'm hopeful it will begin to occupy less and less space in these weekly updates moving forward. That being said here are all the latest headlines from today and this past week:

- Mainland reports 6,364 COVID-19 deaths in 7 days, down half compared to Previous Week
- China Approves 2 more Domestic Oral COVID Pills, as Effective as Paxlovid and Cheaper
- Cross-Border Trips Surpass 2.45 million during Chinese New Year, as Chinese resume overseas travel
- China recorded 226 million passenger trips during the Spring Festival holiday
- Shenzhen Kicks off 266 Key Projects for High-quality Development
- China will Resume Issuing Visas to Japanese Tourists (as of Sunday)

There are several other click-baity publications that have come out over this last week as well - but we felt it best to spare you those.

If there's one upcoming event worthy of note - it's EatShenzhen's Big Fat Quiz of the Year - an event several months in the making. For those of you that have attended Joseph's events before surely now you can expect a quality experience should you decide to attend. Click the link to read all the details about what to expect on Feb 10th at Favela. It'll be the first event I'll attend myself after returning to Shenzhen after my months long hiatus out of the country.

Hope your transition back to a normal work schedule proceeds smoothly out there! Thanks for reading!

-David & The NowShenzhen Team

P.S. - "SaWaDeeKa!" from beautiful Koh Lipe Island in Thailand! If you're in need of information about traveling in and out of China please directly get in touch with me personally on wechat: david-d-ho. We've access to some of the most authoritative info on the topic which unfortunately I cannot share with you here. Thanks!

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