A Park for the People

NowShenzhen   |   April 7, 2019
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I’m sure for most people in Shenzhen, especially anybody who has actually been there, associating flowers and nature with Dongmen is not what comes into your mind.  More likely the words chaos, loud, and shopping are what you’d think of.  However just off the Dongmen middle road lies a beautiful hidden park where you can get some serenity from the madness around you. Renmin Park or People’s park is one of the oldest in Shenzhen and has been an active hub of the community for a long time.  It’s not the biggest park in the city, nor is it the most pristine, or even the most interesting.  However it has bags of charm and character, and has that intangible quality that comes with things of age.

This park has all the usual features of a Chinese style park, small pagoda, lots of paths, children’s play area, benches, and a small pond where the local fisherman while away the day hoping to catch their dinner. It has a run-down kind of feel to it, but don’t let that detract you from coming here, it’s not a bad thing, in fact is distinctly Luoho in its feeling.  There are lots of greenery here too, not huge swathes of grass, but towering bamboo and shady trees, great for a little stroll.

What sets this park apart?  Well that’s an easy one.  This park has an extensive and beautiful rose garden. It is one of the largest rose gardens in China, with more than 50,000 flowers of over 300 varieties. There is a cornucopia of colors and fragrances. Be warned however, there will be an army of people taking pictures amongst the flowers so you will be bound to photobomb many unsuspecting people.  Each flower bed has an information plaque telling you the names in various languages and where they have come from.  On a warm sunny day this place really does come alive with birds, bees, butterflies and children all mixing with the roses.  If you’re in the area I highly recommend you check it out.

Want to go?

Shaibu metro station exit D1

Time 1 hour

For nature lovers, Instagram snappers

Bring water and/or snacks as there are no stalls here.

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