The Brew is Hopping!

David Bowman   |   August 30, 2021

Overcapacity – a situation in which an industry, company, etc., has or produces more of something than it is able to sell or use – from Merriam Webster.

The Brew Bar and Bistro, near the south entrance to the New Yijing Central Walk Mall (subway station – Convention and Exhibition Center Exit B), has an overcapacity of social magnetism. 

“What does that mean?”, you might ask.

Recently when I visited The Brew, I got the feeling I could meet new friends just walking past.  The place was packed and the affable crowds spilled out onto the streets from the outdoor lounge area.  Being inside or outside at the Brew felt the same to me.  The warm, sociable atmosphere seems to come natural to the Brew.

The restaurant experience of the team operating the Brew, guarantees an enjoyable, vivacious experience.  Four current locations, as well as other past experience, melds together into something that can’t clearly be defined, but can be witnessed by the magnitude of happy customers. 

The Brew Bar and Bistro in Futian, Shenzhen can seat 100 people in their indoor lounge and balcony and another 100 people outside under robust umbrellas.  Of Canadian origin, The Brew is a traditional pub with a very international theme.  Even the talented house band at the Brew, is made up of international members.  The head chef is from San Diego.

The modern, illustrious menu is filled with all the popular pub grub, as well as a host of international delights, such as poutine with real cheese curds (for us Canadians,) a list of hearty pizzas, chicken tikka masala, fish and chips, St. Louis style spare ribs and many others.  It had been a long time since I had jalapeno poppers, so I had to have some of those and they were huge.  If you really get home sick, they even have “Baked Mac N’ CHEESE.”  Take you right back to your school days.  Good wholesome comfort food.

Meet with some friends, order a variety of delicious pub appetizers, then throw in some “Brew Sliders,” (smaller version of their signature 100% USA ribeye beef burger with carefully selected fresh toppings.) 

The name “The Brew” is intended to relate to both coffee and beer.  The Brew makes nutritious, healthy lunches during the day and provides a relaxing space to enjoy your lunch.

In the evening, you will find a host of craft beers, some that are difficult to get.  Of course they also carry your favorite beer and a generous selection of spirits.

The night I went to The Brew, many of the guests were foreigners.  Most seemed to be return customers who recognized others already there.  Others who merely stumbled onto The Brew while walking past, were easily able to get absorbed into the jovial ambience.

Reservations for events are available, so you can have your get-together in this energetic environment.  Try to be on time though, because no doubt there will be others who would want your seats.

While their food, drinks and service meet all the expectations of a traditional pub, it is the friendly environment which stands out from my visit.  It is no surprise that many have made this their watering hole.

Visit their website – for maps and contact information, or join the WeChat group “TheBrew”, to stay up to date with the latest promotions, sports schedules and specials.

Address & Contact

Chinese and Pinyin Name: THE BREW

Place Address (English/Pinyin): The Brew Bar & Bistro – Shenzhen Fuhua Rd, New Yijing Center Walk South Entrance L1015-1016, Futian, SZ

The Brew 深圳市福田区福田街道福华路新怡景商业中心L层RL1015-1016号铺

Place Phone: +86 (755) 2389 2669

Email: [email protected]