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Now Shenzhen   |   September 3, 2021

Summer is coming back to Shenzhen! Sunshine, blue skies, seashore, beaches, cool beers and bikinis…they are going to be the themes of our life again. Have you started to plan where to go for the weekends? Beyond question, a beach is a good choice. Shenzhen is a coastal city with a 257 kilometer long seashore rich in beaches. Most of beaches in Shenzhen are in the eastern Longgang and Yantian districts. On this page we would like to share some beaches and relevant information about facilities.

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In Shenzhen, if you mention the word “beach”, the first word to come into mind is “Dameisha Beach Seashore Park”. Dameisha has a 1,800 meter long beach, embracing the Mirs Bay and being surrounded by mountains. As the first free seashore park open to the public in Shenzhen, it has clear functional zones. There are a swimming zone, a sport zone, an amusement zone and a BBQ zone. The facilities provided in the park include a shopping center,a food and beverage area, water sport facilities for hire and bathrooms, etc.. The transportation to the park is convenient. You can take a bus, a taxi (about RMB 80 if you start from Luohu Train Station) or drive by yourself. However, because Dameisha beach is open to the public for free, the beach is always overcrowded. The average number of daily visitors can reach 40,000 and if it is a national holiday, it can top 100,000. The basic facilities, like toilets, parking space, bathing rooms, leave a lot to be desired. The quality of sand is ok but the water quality is not good. Best to avoid Dameisha beach on holidays due to overcrowding.

Compared with Dameisha, Xiaomeisha Beach Seashore Park, which is close to Dameisha, is smaller. Xiaomeisha enjoys the honorary title of “Oriental Hawaii”. The beach is about 800 meters long and the sand is fine. The entrance fee is RMB 30 and camping is one of the popular activities here. A tent for two people costs RMB 100 and if you take tent yourself it is RMB 30. I don’t think it should be charged if people use their own tents, but this is China. Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World is another interesting place that is worth vsiting, especially if you go with children. It includes Sea World, Polar World and Jellyfish World. Generally, any bus that can reach Dameisha can also reach Xiaomeisha.

If you go with a close companion, the Rose Coast could be a good place for a couple to spend a relaxing and romantic day. This is a famous wedding photography spot, where there is about 1,500 meters long beach with fine grained sand. There are even some western-style buildings, like a church and Greek balcony standing on the seashore. Although they are “shooting properties”, they make a bit difference in the scenery from other beaches. If you like fishing, at one end of the beach there is a pier extending out to the sea for fishing. The entrance ticket is RMB 15. By the way, there is also a BBQ zone at the right side of the entrance where people can enjoy BBQ gatherings with friends. The Rose Coast is located in Shangdong Village, Xichong, Kuichong town, Longgang District.

For those people who love hiking, the route between Dongchong Beach and Xichong Beach is the best one with a great seaview. These two beaches are located in the southernmost tip of the Mirs Peninsula and facing the Daya Bay. The linear distance between the two beaches is less than 4 KM. Xichong Beach is one of the most eight beautiful beaches at home and the biggest one in Shenzhen, while the Dongchong Beach is the most natural beach in Shenzhen and only 500 meters long. Both beaches offer excellent seasonal surfing, fishing, and boat rides. The ticket fee is RMB 27 for Xichong Beach and RMB 10 for Dongchong Beach. Because both of them are far away from the downtown, the transportation can be a bit tricky. First, visitors need to reach Nan’ao town first by E11 bus and then take M232 or “black” vans to the beaches. There are many bungalows and guesthouses there, but you also can camp there.

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If you want to have a luxurous and relaxing holiday, Sheraton Dameisha Resort is a good choice to stay. Inheriting the luxurous traditions from its family group, Sheraton Dameisha Resort standing on the seashore of Mirs Bay provides its guests with 500-meter-long private beach and an unbeatable sea view. Complete facilities in the hotel, like a fitness center, resort pools and a spa center, win applauses from guests. If your budget is big enough, this hotel won’t fail you.

Not far from the Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen, there is a Thai-themed hotel – Pattaya Hotel that is famous for its easy to reach location near Dameisha Seashore Park and OCT East. The room ambiance is just ok with aging decoration. A standard room costs about RMB 300. According to netizens’ comments, it is still a good value if you want to stay one or two night to visit the OCT East.

If you come all the way to Nan’ao town, then Shell Bay Resort is a nice choice. Built on the hill fan facing the beach, Shell Bay Resort provides visitors private beach and relaxing facilities. Walking in the fine sand, lying under the sun or just sipping a drink at lighthouse plaza, are joyful experiences.

Different from the “Standard” hotels I mentioned above, Zen Guesthouse is a place that you can call a home away from home. Established by a group of foreigners who want to drop everything on the weekends and go to relax at the beach, the Zen Guesthouse has nine available rooms with either two single beds or one queen sized bed. The common place downstairs is open to all guests for listening to music, watching movies, cooking, ect.. If you go there with a flock of friends, you can rent the whole place. The prices for the rooms are between RMB 300 to RMB 400 per room. The guesthouse is located in Dongchong Town, an hour outside of Shenzhen. Also you can call Sonny or Chris, the owner, to arrange a car for you.

If hotels and guesthouses are out of your price range, or just not your things, camping on the beach might be more fun. To see the sunset and sunrise on the beach, breathe the salty sea air, sleep under the stars, bringing your own tent night be the best. Or if you dont have one, you can rent one from the stores open on the seaside from about RMB 50 to RMB 100. RMB 5 to RMB30 of management fee is charged if you use your own tent.

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(Photo is from Secret Spot Listing)

Besides regular beach activities, what else visitors can do around the beach areas?

If you love surfing, the Secret Spot and its cafe, without question, should be included in your must-go listing in Xi’chong area.

Visiting Dapeng Fortress is also a must-do thing. “Peng Cheng”, another name of Shenzhen, originated here. Established in 1394, Dapeng Fortress is a key place for coast defense in Ming and Qing dynasties. Occupied about 100,000 Square Meters, Peng Fortress has splendid city gate, ancient residential areas and General mansion. It takes you about 3 hours to walk around the old town part in a leisure walking speed. The ticket is RMB 20 for adult, half price for students and children who are taller than 1.1 meters, and free for children below 1.1 meters.

Talking about sea, seafood is an unavoidable topic. Yantian Seafood Street is foodies’ favorite place. Food stalls are decorated the streets. “Multiple choices” “Cheap” and “Fresh” are the main features for seafood in this place. Visitors can pick seafood by themselves and let the chefs in restaurants cook immediately. “Shigonghui Seafood Restaurant” is strongly recommended.

Eco-travel lover also can go to OCT East, which is a big multi-theme park near Dameisha beach. It includes Great Valley, Chaxi Valley, Yuhai Valley, Dahuaxing Temple, Hotel Group and Tianli Dazhai. Two or three days are needed to explore the whole place. Great Valley and Chaxi Valley are popular. However, the ticket price is a bit high, which costs RMB 160 to RMB 300 depending on the different visiting ways.

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Contributions from Secret Spot, Dameisha Sheraton and Shell Bay Resort.