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David Ho   |   May 19, 2019

We always are welcoming guest contributors for Shenzhen related topics. We welcome writers, photographers, editors, videographers and more. If you are interested in writing for us please email us at [email protected].

What is in in for you?

By attaching yourself to an experienced team that runs most popular Shenzhen media site we can provide exposure for your writing allowing you to build up a portfolio reaching 500,000 people a year. Get chances to attend local events including VIP private parties. Meal vouchers and other perks also go to our contributers. If you become a professional regular and reliable contributor we may even compesate you monetarily.

What we look for:

There are many types of content that we like to publish and welcome from you.

  1. Local Breaking News
  2. Restaurant Reviews
  3. In-depth Articles about Shenzhen
  4. Events
  5. Event Photo Galleries
  6. Interviews And more

Easy to Contribute

It is super easy to contribute to Now Shenzhen as we use WordPress and you can do it on the go. Write an article about your sports club while on your commute on the subway. Contribute and upload photos of your party before you go to bed without your computer. Just download the visual editor for your iPhone or iPad and desktop.

Download WordPress Mobile App

Download WordPress desktop

Send us an email to get started today.

Setup your WordPress

After you have applied to write for us, we will create an account on Now Shenzhen.

Here are the steps to setup your WordPress app:


Launch the WordPress app and choose the “Log In by entering your site address” option.


Enter “” as the site


Now enter your username and password we sent to you. If you don’t know your password use the forgot password function.


Now you are in and you can see your list of blog posts in the “Blog post” section.


Choose the “Create a Post” option to start contributing.

Thanks for being part of the Shenzhen community.

See also Now Shenzhen Content Posting Policy.