Longgang District

Longgang District is the largest district in Shenzhen City and borders with Nanshan District on the south, Longdong Subdistrict of Bao’an District on the north, Yantian Subdistrict of Shekou Subdistrict on the west, and Dapeng New District on the east.

In June 1992, Longgang Planning Area was officially named Longgang District by the local government of Shenzhen City. Since then it has enjoyed successively all kinds of preferential policies according to the plans adopted by the State Council on strengthening coastal open regions, industrial restructuring and Reform and Opening-up Policies, which have laid a solid foundation for its industrial development.

At present, Longgang District is mainly composed of industrial zones covering high-tech industrial development, modern services industries involving software, financial business, information communication & network, and culture. This district has become an important window for Shenzhen’s economic development and a key area of high-tech industry.

Longgang District is also the home of one national high-tech enterprise (Tsinghua Unigroup), 22 national and provincial hardware enterprises, 5 software parks, and 20 science and technology companies under construction on which $7 billion was invested.

More than 70 international technology companies such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and HP have established branch offices in the Longgang District.

Let’s check out several reasons why people move to this district and why expats should get apartments in Longgang.


Why Move to Longgang District?

Improving Living Conditions

The government is making all-out efforts to relax the restrictive policies and improve living conditions. In effect, this will attract more talents who can bring their advanced management experience and integration capabilities to participate in development of our city.

This will not only provide a good opportunity for her future development but also help integrate new high-tech companies with local industrial clusters, promote industrial restructuring and speed up the pace of urbanization.

Currently, the Longgang Administrative Committee is building an international standard education system that integrates scientific research, higher education, sports, and cultural activities into a whole. At the same time, they are also developing modern services spanning entertainment, hotels, projects, finance, housing, medical care and many more.

Rich in natural resources and the economic strength of the region has increased rapidly, which attracts many entrepreneurs to invest in Longgang District.

In line with the national policy to develop a new round of development zone in China, Longgang District has been given priority to construct the a high-tech industrial development zone and a tourism economic development zone. The government is also building a modern eco-friendly urban community.

An Intersection Between Work and Play

Longgang has a history of being a major hub for commuters but due to low ridership numbers it never reached its intended goal. Today though, Longgang is still known as a lifestyle destination but now instead of serving as a commuter district it serves as an intersection between work and play.

Apartments in Longgang are popular among expats because they are near office space or entertainment hubs that allow them to have easy access to these venues. Apartments offer reasonable rates that are lower than other areas in Shenzhen making it easier for families to find a cost-effective space that is still close to schools.

Art and Culture

There are various areas that people can visit for arts and culture. For starters, there is the Dafen Oil Painting Village. This village comprises the biggest oil painting production in China. Apart from that though, it also stands as a prominent oil painting hub throughout the whole world.

People who visit can purchase various paintings here. At the same time, they can witness and be inspired by the whole oil painting process. It is a great sightseeing spot for tourists that like the arts.

There is also the Gankeng Hakka Town where the Hakka people resided for years. Their architecture has been preserved and can be appreciated by visitors. People who come and visit can learn more about the culture, sample their delicacies, and just take in the scenic area.

Price Range of Apartments in Longgang District

Longgang apartments are popular with expats who work at The OCT Loft or Cyberport because of their easy access to both by public transportation or taxis/Uber/Didi cars. They are also known for being more affordable than other locations due to their distance from Luohu City Centre.

The area is also a good choice for families looking to live close to reputable schools located nearby.

As such, the rent in Longgang tends to be more affordable than other districts. Furthermore, the district has had a lot of high-end residential apartments developed.

A shared apartment will cost you anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 RMB, while a single apartment’s range is 2,000 to 3,500 RMB.

Easy Commutes to More Opportunities

Longgang is a popular district in Shenzhen with many happy residents and plenty of continuous developments.

The Longgang District is a new urban center with many opportunities to live, work, and play. If you want an easy commute in the heart of Shenzhen, consider moving to this vibrant area.