Shekou District

The Shekou area is a part of the city known as Shenzhen in China. Shekou is known for its history, culture, and environment.

In 1979, Shekou was established as an economic development zone by Deng Xiaoping. Being part of Shenzhen, it is part of a government-backed initiative called “the Greater Bay Area”. It is comprised of nine cities – including Shenzhen – and two other regions in Hong Kong and Macau. This united area serves as a hub for economics and business.

Shekou has since been a popular destination for expats who want to move to China. Currently, more than 6,000 expats live in Shekou. It serves as a base for foreign workers to stay in. Most of these foreigners work in the oil industry.

Despite rapidly evolving and changing throughout the years, one thing has remained constant: Shekou is remains a well-sought after residential destination, with one factor being its Western style. It is a place that attracts people from all walks of life.

Let’s discover more about the area and why people move should seek apartments in Shekou.


Why Move to Shekou?

A Beautiful and Western Environment

First and foremost, the waterfront neighborhood located at the southern part of Shenzhen has a beautiful environment that all people enjoy.

The biggest attraction for expats though is an entertainment center in familiar Western style. It includes locations such as restaurants, cinemas, hotels, and even nightclubs.

This Western style in the area is a big reason why foreigners are attracted to Shekou.

People who have been to Shekou will most likely have visited as part of a guided tour from Hong Kong. These trips take people to historic museums which showcase artifacts from the Qin Dynasty among other things.

The Shekou Ferry Terminal

The most popular feature may probably be the Shekou Ferry Terminal. This terminal provides a link between Shekou and Hong Kong via boats that take commuters from Shekou to Kowloon or North Point in Hong Kong every fifteen minutes. This provides easy access to Shekou, which is not only convenient but also eco-friendly.

A Multicultural and Welcoming Community

Shekou is a welcome place for foreigners because the local governing body has put effort in to making it so. An example of this is the road signs. In order to cater to the foreign community, they also set up multilingual road signs so that expats can read and understand it easily.

There is also an established volunteer team that consists of both locals and foreigners. Many offices in the area also have volunteers and employees that can speak English.

Finally, the existing community of foreigners will have anyone else who visits from other countries already feeling welcome and right at home.

Starting Businesses

Moving to Shekou is a smart choice for all kinds of people such as young entrepreneurs who want to start a business or families. It is a great option for anyone who needs more space and wants to set up their business for success.

Furthermore, Shekou is home to many foreign companies like Lenovo Group Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson, MTR Corporation, Tencent, and Apple Inc. among others.

Recently, certain incentives have been established for setting up companies in certain industries in Shenzhen. These industries include R&D, biomedicine, internet, and manufacturing.

Startups within these industries stand to gain up to 1 million RMB provided that certain conditions are met. Foreign R&D companies who want to relocate to Shenzhen on the other hand can get up to 1.5 million RMB.

For establishing the headquarters of companies, the incentive rises to 20 million RMB.

Price Range of Apartments in Shekou

Shekou is one of the most beautiful cities to live in Shekou China. Shekou has many apartments for all types of people. But how much would it cost to live in Shekou?

Shekou offers a wide range of prices depending on how big or small you want your new home to be! Shekou apartments go from cheap to high end depending on where exactly you want to live and how much money you have to spend.

According to a report made by in 2019, Shekou is considered the third most expensive city in all of China. At the time, it cost almost $8,000 per square meter. This figure has no doubt increased over the years.

Small apartment units come in at a little over 200 square meters, with the largest ones coming in at over 400 square meters.

Apartments in the area can range from just 2,000 RMB a month to over 40,000 RMB.

Community, Culture, and a Great Place to Stay

When it gets down to the brass tacks, Shekou has a lot going on for it! For a relatively new city in China, Shekou has some very impressive features. Shekou is famous for its technology companies and vibrant culture. There are plenty of things for Shekou expats to do. Shekou is a beautiful city with great food and a lot of entertainment and, all in all, a great place to stay.