Mandarin Chinese Language Schools from Futian to Shekou

David Ho   |   October 7, 2020

Who Speaks Mandarin in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China is a fantastic place to learn Mandarin since this young city is a melting pot where everyone speaks Putonghua to communicate. Mandarin is the main language spoken in Shenzhen because Shenzhen is an immigrant city. Mandarin has become the common language spoken amongst Chinese who come from every province in China. Shenzhen is also one of the only tropical destinations where Mandarin Chinese speakers abound. Come to Shenzhen for the excellent Chinese language environment as well as year round good weather.

What Mandarin Classes are offered in Shenzhen

Group classes or private tutoring are available from many language schools listed below. Some schools offer nighttime and weekend Chinese language courses. Once you get your survival Mandarin out of the way you can consider a full immersion half day Mandarin course for multiple semesters to become fluent in Chinese. Shenzhen Univeristy is the best option for intense Mandarin language study. Shenzhen University offers a HSK examination center when you reach an advanced Chinese level. After obtaining a high proficiency in Mandarin Chinese you can take the HSK to prove to future employers your Chinese speaking ability.

Online Mandarin Language Courses

If you are starved for time or are based on the outskirts of Shenzhen city, many of the language schools offer online Mandarin tutoring over skype or other apps. You can arrange one on one Chinese conversations with skilled Mandarin language tutors.

Be sure to use your time wisely in Shenzhen to improve your Chinese skills, browse below the list of possible schools that provide training in Mandarin:

Hanlin Language Center

Email: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) 21616006

Hanlin Language Center is a professional language school. Our mission is to apply the knowledge learned in class into practice and help students achieve their learning targets. We spread Chinese culture, helping foreign students master Chinese language to better adapt to the local life. Our students come from different parts of the world, such as America, Britain, India, Japan, France,Germany, Belgium and so on, making Hanlin a real global village. Our Chinese students and foreign students are good learning partners,helping each other. We warmly welcome you to join Hanlin.

Featured Sponsor

Omeida Chinese Academy

E-mail: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: (+86) 773 8812233

Want to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese? No place is more fun to learn Chinese than Omeida Chinese Academy in Yangshuo, China! We pride ourselves on offering high quality, tailored Chinese courses amidst China’s most beautiful scenery. Foreign students at our Chinese language school can learn how to speak Chinese while exploring Yangshuo’s breathtaking mountains and rivers. Our Chinese courses have small class sizes and our experienced Mandarin teachers make sure all learners reach their goals. Volunteer with us for discounts!

Omeida Chinese Academy is a Chinese school which provides students from all over the world with the opportunity to study Chinese whilst experiencing and being immersed in Chinese culture.

Shenzhen University

Email: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) 2655 8894

Since 1986, Shenzhen University has hosted nearly 20,000 international students from more than 90 countries and regions, with an average enrolment of 1,200 international students each year.

College of International Exchange offers language courses, sub-degree courses, and full-time undergraduate degree courses in Chinese language and literature for international students. It also provides international students with the support and assistance necessary for them to achieve excellence.

CO-TALK Language Center

Email: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: 15919746086

CO-TALK Language Center is committed to teaching Chinese as aforeign language. We are professional and the lessons are interesting which include Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Cantonese, HSK and TSC. We also offer courses in English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish. Students who come from various countries study here,they have a strong desire to learn languages. If you are interested in it too, come to join us!

Natural Mandarin Center

Email: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) 86535419

Natural Mandarin training center is like a deep breath of fresh Chinese mountain air in the congested world of Shenzhen Mandarin language training schools. Here you will learn Mandarin the way nature intended. Natural Mandarin training is a boutique educational academy, not a sales machine masquerading as a language school, where natural learning and student satisfaction come above all else. All Natural Mandarin teachers are not only native Mandarin speakers, but have four-year university degrees with a major in teaching Mandarin as a second language. They know the Mandarin Chinese like a fish knows water and how to impart it with the same ease that a fish swims or a bird flies.

Chinese Paradise Mandarin School

Email: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: 18929343769

Chinese Paradise is a professional Chinese language school which was founded in 2006. We offer various Chinese language course and we could plan special business chinese course based on your career. Chinese Paradise is your best choice.

Happylearn Mandarin School

Email: [email protected]
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) 25781009

Happylearn Mandarin school is a center specialized in Chinese language training since 2009  with experienced teachers, unique teaching methods, we welcome students from all over the globe into the wonderful world of Chinese culture, through the study of Mandarin. We are able to provide our students with a professional course and service here, and a very Chinese-feeling environment to allow you to better assimilate into the sea of Chinese culture. 

Online Chinese Dictionary and Study Tools for Learning Chinese Characters

Below are some online Mandarin resources that can help supplement your in school classes. At the very least you need to download a dictionary app.


App for iPhone, iPad and Android that gives you a multifunction Chinese dictionary. In basic mode the app includes open source dictionaries and then through in app purchases you can upgrade the app functionality. The app trys to be like a swiss army knife for Mandarin and so it doesn’t end up being particulary pretty but it also covers flash cards and the marquee wow your friends feature: OCR through your phone camera. After making an in app purchase you can point your camera at virtually any Chinese character on the street and the app will run through all permutations until it finds a matching character. Very cool, mostly accurate.


Chinese dictionary that helps you become fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Learn new characters based on recent news.


Started out as a Podcast we would listen to for learning Chinese. Great to load on your iphone and take it on the go. ChinesePod has also built up a great community of students that you can interact with to keep motivated. Now it has also gone beyond podcasting in to the realm of apps and lessons over skype.

Structured flash card program that keeps track of characters you have learned and tests you on the ones you have not until you remember them.

Microsoft Bing Chinese Dictionary

Bing has built a translation muscle for Chinese to other languages including English and has a dedicated dictionary app for the Chinese market.

Yahoo! Chinese Dictionary

Yahoo has a Mandarin dictionary that suggests a new Chinese word each day to study and allows search for definitions. Most of the content is in traditional Chinese.


Online Chinese dictionary for use in conjunction with LINE app.