Green Oasis School

David Ho   |   May 18, 2020

Green Oasis is unique, it is a school that understands that the global community is shrinking and that it is important for our students to have a global perspective and experience internationalism while still celebrating the importance of the culture and language of China. Our Guiding Statements reiterate this and our Vision of:

Educate        Nurture        Inspire Excellence

is at the heart of all we do. Green Oasis School is where the best of the East meets the best from the West creating a dynamic, high achieving ethos unique to Shenzhen. Our curriculum is taught in English however all our students learn Chinese and are given the opportunity to appreciate the history and culture of the country in which they are living.

Green Oasis follows an enhanced National Curriculum for England from Years 1-9. We are accredited by Cambridge International and Edexcel Examination Boards to deliver IGCSE and GCSE in the upper Secondary section. Students at the end of Years 6 and 9 sit external assessments to gauge their progress into the next phase of their education.

School is not just about the formal academic curriculum. Students participate in enrichment programmes that complement and enhance the formal curriculum. Opportunities are given in Arts, Sports, Technology, Debating, cultural activities and community service. Student leadership and ownership of these is also encouraged and supported at GOS.

All the above ensures our students grow into independent, confident and creative young adults ready to face the challenges life has for them. Thus, Green Oasis graduates are equipped with foresight and understanding as they enter an increasingly competitive global world.

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 深圳市福田区城市绿洲学校

Address: No 4030, Shennan Middle Road, Tianmian, Futian District, Shenzhen

Address CN: 广东省深圳市福田区田面村深南中路4030号

Phone: +86 (755) 8395 9000