Futian District

Futian is a district located at the heart of Shenzhen, China. As one can imagine, the fact that it is in the center means that it connects many areas to one another. It connects the districts of Luohu, Nanshan, and Longhua to the east, west, and north respectively.

Futian has benefited from an extremely rapid growth rate since it was first established in 1980.

Its central location in Shenzhen is not purely a geographical decision. Futian is also known as the central business district (CBD) in Shenzhen. The financial sector, as well as domestic and international businesses find their hubs in Futian. This has attracted many types of businesses to the area, with high tech firms playing an essential part.

All in all, it has also allowed Futian to become a dynamic district that attracts a progressive mindset and attitude. This, in turn, attracts foreigners and international businesses.

Let’s take a closer look and find out whether or not it is an ideal location for expats to seek apartments and move to.


Why Move to Futian?

Silicon Valley on the Horizon

Since Futian’s establishment as an industry-oriented economic development zone, it has become home to many large corporations who have invested billions into this area including Intel, Huawei, ZTE , GSK and many more. Futian is the first district to have been planned as a high-tech industry hub, taking advantage of Lutangshan’s good air quality and proximity to Shenzhen University.

As such, it is seen as the innovation hub of Shenzhen. More than 100 headquarters of top 500 enterprises are located in Futian. It also plays home to many scientific and technological firms, including laboratories, research-heavy companies, cloud computing, and even artificial intelligence just to name a few.

The goal on the Futian roadmap is to act as a combination of Manhattan and Silicon Valley, as it eventually becomes a hub for future developments. This is further strengthened by their strategic location as a passage to many other districts, as well as to Hong Kong via Huanggang and the Futian Port.

Where the Work Is

As one can imagine, the fact that there are so many top businesses and firms planting their hubs in Futian means that work can be found here. As the business district, people head in from all over to make a living. This makes it a hectic morning in and around Futian, which it why living within is a big plus especially for expats with companies in the area.

Futian offers everything expats may need which include international schools, groceries, bars, restaurants, parks, and even a folk village where you can soak up the culture through several performances.

Reader’s Delight

People who love to read will be quite happy in Futian, as the Shenzhen Library is located there. This is not your run-of-the-mill library. It is a massive facility that holds 2,500 seats and as much as 4 million books to peruse. A definite treat for readers.

Price Range of Apartments in Futian

Many people in Futian live in high-rises while others prefer single-family homes which are abundant here, yet are still within city limits. Whether you have a family or are living a single life, you’ll resonate with certain spots in Futian.

The business districts in Futian will mean that you will be surrounded with tall skyscrapers. With that aside though, the district is built in a very compact way that makes it easy for people to get around.

Lutian also have access to many international schools if you choose to send your child there instead of local schools. Futian apartments are known to be affordable for expats with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, saunas, playgrounds, 24 hour security systems, and an LRT station to take you into downtown Shenzhen or further into China.

Futian is a great place for expats and locals because of its economic advantages, its unique climate, convenience, and safety. The district has twice been recognized as one of China’s most livable cities in 2004 and 2010 by Forbes Magazine.

A shared apartment in Futian can cost anywhere from 2,500 to 4,000 RMB. A single apartment on the other hand has a price range of 4,000 to 7,000 RMB.

A Hub of the Future

Futian is a district in Shenzhen that has grown at an explosive rate. The area is home to the largest number of skyscrapers and shopping malls in all of China, with one mall being so large it can accommodate six ice rinks.

It is an on-going development with the potential to become one of Shenzhen’s most modern and livable neighborhoods. With plenty of public transportation, green spaces for recreation, and high-quality schools in every neighborhood, it really has something for everyone!

More than anything, the vast number of businesses and firms at Futian means that it is looking to develop into a frontrunner for innovation in modern living.