Nanshan District

Nanshan is a district of the city of Shenzhen, China. It is in southern mainland China and one of the most populous districts in Shenzhen. This also makes it among the most populous cities in China.

There are many things that people should know about Nanshan. For instance, it has a very long history that includes settlements dating back over 4,000 years ago and it remains significant even today.

Its name is the same as its location, which is on Nanshan or South Mountain. This mountain played a significant role in creating the district of Shenzhen. Different groups inhabited this area over time but it was largely unknown to people beyond this point until recently.

The district of Nanshan was created when Shenzhen became one of China’s first special economic zones. This means that it had many new reforms for business and between 1979 and 2010. This helped increase development in Nanshan significantly, especially since there were more foreign businesses moving into the city at the time.

Shenzhen continues to be an important symbol of modernity in China today, with some people saying that it even stands for what Hong Kong used to represent.

At present, it has one of the highest population of expats. What makes Nanshan ideal for expats to rent apartments in, and why do they move there? Let’s find out several reasons why.


Why Move to Nanshan District?

The Lay of the Land

Now, let’s talk about what is part of the district of Nanshan today. There are many things that people will be able to find here, including shopping malls and plazas, parks, universities like University of Macau Shenzhen (UMaSZ), and the Windows of the World park where people can see various miniature worldly scenic spots.

Apart from all the attractions, one of the most noteworthy things about Nanshan is the abundance of greenery. Amongst the buildings are a multitude of plants and trees, making a refreshing sea of green.

In addition to the green color, it is also generally quieter than other districts.

Refreshing Accessibility

There are a lot of reasons that people should consider moving to this district, which has a population greater than 1.8 million as of 2010.

One of the first reasons is because it is easily accessible from everywhere within Shenzhen, one of China’s most populous cities. This makes it easier for people to travel from place to place without having to travel so far or go through traffic as often as they might have to if they lived somewhere else instead. In fact, this district is considered one of the best places where public transport can be found throughout all of Shenzhen since there are plans for subways, elevated roads, and other forms of travel in development.

Attractive to Expats

The district of Nanshan has always attracted visitors from all over the world since it is one of China’s most culturally significant cities. For example, UMaSZ is considered one of the best universities in all of China and it was designed by a world-renowned architect. This makes it stand out as one of the most prestigious universities for foreigners to attend.

Its proximity to some other historic sites like those found on Shamian Island or at Cultural Park Guangming are also very compelling reasons for people to move here. People are often drawn to Nanshan because they want to be apart of this dynamic city that is changing every day while remaining rich in history, culture, and tradition.

Special Economic Zone

In addition, there are parts of Nanshan that have been designated as a special economic zone which is an area where companies can do business without having to deal with all the bureaucracy and red tape going on in the rest of China, making it an attractive place for businesses to move there. That’s why many high-rise office towers have been built here despite the fact that it is a relatively young city compared to others.

As a result, Nanshan has become a popular location for those who want to reside or invest in Shenzhen due to its closeness to Hong Kong and Macau as well as Hong Kong’s airport and downtown districts such as TaiKoo Hui.

Currently, companies such as Tencent and Huawei find their homes in Nanshan.

Price Range of Apartments in Nanshan District

Another reason that people should consider moving to Nanshan is because it has a lot in common with Hong Kong when it comes to its housing prices, which can be considered reasonable. Although the area does often attract wealthy families, there are still options for many others who would like to live here but don’t have enough money to make this possible. There are also many new apartments being built every year so people will find something else they need wherever they go within Nanshan.

The fact that many of the high-rise apartments have a great view overlooking Hong Kong raise the prices a bit.

A shared apartment in Nanshan can cost anywhere from 2,200 to 4,000 RMB. A single apartment will cost you 4,000 to 7,000 RMB.

Culture, Convenience, and Innovation

The history of Nanshan District is rich and varied, but one thing remains the same-the district has always been an integral part of Shenzhen. Nanshan District is a great place to live with its high-quality schools, low crime rates, various attractions, all topped with lush greenery and a peaceful quiet.

If you’re looking for a place to live in Shenzhen that combines culture, convenience, and innovation, look no further than the Nanshan District.