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David Ho   |   April 22, 2020

Now Shenzhen (formally ShenzhenParty.com) is one of the earliest life-style English websites in Shenzhen but focus on PRD and HongKong/Macau areas. With more than 500,000 unique visitors per year, ShenzhenParty.com is a platform for anyone who is interested in contributing to our site and reaping fame. Want your name listed on this page? Join us!

David Ho, partner, CEO. Dave has owned several Shenzhen based service businesses in the online and printed circuit industries including event organization, web development and marketing, software development, sourcing, and procurement services. In all my endeavors I’ve gravitated towards building strong connections with the humans I conduct business with. Sales, business development, management and investor relations are naturally fitting roles for me. I aim to build deeper connections in the communities we operate in as well as develop more effective and efficient solutions for our customers in the coming months.

Michael Michelini, partner, SEO. Mike brings a deep understanding of SEO and online marketing paired with a local network second to none – there are few expats in the city that do not know his name or haven’t heard of the brands he’s developed. He’s owned and operated various businesses in service industries throughout his career in China. Above all, in each of his endeavors, he has excelled at creating value for his audiences, friends and customers alike. Leveraging his unique set of experiences, his creative passion for developing value, and the robust collection of professionals within his reach – Mike aims to dramatically improve the usefulness of NowShenzhen.com for our users as well as grow the site’s already impressive online footprint.

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The Shenzhen Party team

Monica Zhou, Account Manager 

Majored in Broadcasting &TV Editing, she lived in Italy for one year. Monica is into all foreign films and music. Now she’s joined ShenzhenParty.com’s team to service our customers, putting her experience all into good use! 

Wendy Ho, Account Manager 

A fresh graduate from United Kingdom with a double major in both Business English and HR. She also has a strong interest in languages, traveling and enjoys meeting new friends.

Hector Lumang, Web Developer

Working behind the scenes, Hector has been working on and off with Shenzhenparty.com since 2006 in the developer, site support and server administration roles.  He has been to Shenzhen before and stayed there for about 4-5 years from 2002 thru 2008.  His favorite hangout is around the Hua Chang Bei area and the Windows of the World – but this was in 2008 – there are probably far better places to hang out in the present :)