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Hanlin Language Center

Now Shenzhen   |   November 10, 2023

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    Brand Introduction

    Hanlin Language Center is a professional language school. Our mission is to apply the knowledge learned in class into practice and help students achieve their learning targets. We spread Chinese culture, helping foreign students master Chinese language to better adapt to the local life. Our students come from different parts of the world, such as America, Britain, India, Japan, France,Germany, Belgium and so on, making Hanlin a real global village. Our Chinese students and foreign students are good learning partners,helping each other. We warmly welcome you to join Hanlin.

    Founded in 2016, Hanlin Language Center is a professional language school, offering a wide range of educational services, including Chinese courses, English courses, other languages courses, study trips as well as culture events. Our Shekou campus is located at Dongjiaotou, enjoying the beautiful sea view of Shenzhen Bay, with walking distance to Sea World and nice neighborhoods. Our Futian campus is situated in the east part of CBD, surrounded by Coco Park, Convention and Exhibition Center, Civic Center and Huaqiangbei Area.

    Since the opening, Hanlin has been enjoying a high reputation among students for its high-quality language courses, culture events and study trips. We have established a long-term cooperative business relationship with many international schools and foreign-invested enterprises to provide regular Chinese lessons and culture events. Up till now, Hanlin has offered language service and culture service for students from more than 35 countries. With the efforts of our teachers and students, Hanlin has been developing into one of the most prestigious language schools in Shenzhen.

    Our teachers are all qualified, with master or bachelor`s degree from key universities . They are rich in teaching experience and devoted to education. All the teachers have received professional and systematic training before they teach and they will regularly participate in teaching seminars. To ensure our teaching quality, we will evaluate the teachers through scientific assessment system.

    We provide test preparation courses (HSK,YCT and BCT) and the passing rate is up to 100%.

    Our mission is to apply the knowledge learned in class into practice and help students achieve their learning targets. On one hand, we help Chinese students to get through their exams at school and improve their language skills. On the other hand, we teach Mandarin and spread Chinese culture, helping foreign students master Chinese language to better adapt to the local life.

    Chinese Courses

    • Practical Chinese
    • Business Chinese
    • HSK Preparation
    • BCT Preparation
    • Chinese for Children
    • Reading Stories & News

    Culture courses

    • Kungfu
    • Cooking Class
    • Calligraphy
    • Chinese Embroidery
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Manual Workshop

    English Courses

    • IELTS,TOFEL,New Concepts English and so on.

    Online courses

    Compared with the traditional class, online courses has much more convenience, without any limitation of time and place. No matter where you are, we can provide Chinese courses online for you!

    HLC has great network equipment and rich experience in online courses teaching. Many students still have lessons after going back to their own countries.

    Our skype:[email protected]

    Translation Services

    To better meet our customers` needs,we also provide language translation services, such as commercial translation, conference translation and document translation.  

    Study Tour Programs

    • Study Tour- Trips inside the city
    • Study Tour-Trips outside the city

    Learn the Chinese language while hanging out with the local friends! That`s why HLC provide study tour programs. We want to offer our students a more natural and interesting way to learn Chinese. We have nice trips inside and outside the city, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience distinctive Chinese culture. Start the journey with HLC this summer!

    Trips inside the city

    • Guangming Farm
    • Nantou Ancient City
    • Dafen Village
    • Dapeng Ancient City
    • Dawan Shijü—Hakka Enclosed Residence

    Trips outside the city

    • Guangxi Li River
    • Guizhou Miao minority village
    • Xi`an Terra Cotta Warriors
    • Chinese ethnic group culture / gorgeous scenery/ delicious local food/ learning authentic Chinese

    Culture Events

     Cultural activity is one of the distinctive features of our school. Except for the monthly activities held at our center, we also organize activities for international schools and foreign invested enterprises. We can design certain themes according to their requirements. So far, many activities have been successfully conducted, such as tea ceremony, qi-pao(cheongsam)competition, Dragon Boat festival, Kung fu(Wing chun), and calligraphy class.

    Happy Friday

    We will hold regular Chinese corner and English corner on Fridays at Hanlin Language Center to provide an opportunity for students to speak more and listen more in an authentic way. Every week, we will have a certain topic, with different ways to discuss.Through the activity, they can also meet new friends, share experience and get involved in the local life.

    Address & Contact Information

    706, 7F, Building A, Li’an Business Tower, Wanghai Road, Shekou (dōng jiǎo tóu station Exit A)

    Address (CN):
    深圳蛇口望海路利安商务大厦 A 座 706(东角头 A 出口,中国海关旁蓝色大楼)

    0755-21616006 18927405201

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