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Now Shenzhen   |   December 5, 2022


The King’s School, Canterbury was founded in 597 and is described as the oldest school in England and Europe. At the heart of a King’s education is the simultaneous pursuit of both academic and co-curricular excellence. The Pre-Prep School in Nanshan, Shenzhen, which opened in 2019, is King’s first overseas branch. King’s Prep and Senior School will open in Autumn 2022 and will offer a truly all-around education with a wide-ranging curriculum blending with the co-curriculum and supported throughout by the highest standards of pastoral care in a long and full school day, encouraging pupils to discover, learn and express themselves. Our philosophy behind the pursuit of academic excellence is that talented pupils are stretched but not stressed, stimulated but not overwhelmed by an enlightened approach to teaching and learning.

A well-structured curriculum that offers breadth and depth is the cornerstone of KSS to cultivate outstanding students; for this we need a strong academic faculty team. Nearly 90% of the teaching staff at King’s Prep and Senior School will be British or Irish. All teachers have graduated from excellent universities and have an average of 11 years teaching experience. Our Deputy Head for Academic will develop our curriculum and oversee the teaching & learning, ensuring students have a full and challenging education which sets them up for our Senior School and gives them a foundation for the prestigious universities in the world.

Our Deputy Head for Pastoral Care will lead our team of homeroom teachers and tutors, as well as overseeing our House system together with our learning support and wellbeing provision. It is crucial that all pupils are treated with respect at school and have opportunity to access all areas of the curriculum and co-curriculum. Her aim will be to identify talents and needs, creating the right systems and programmes of care and support. We want all pupils to flourish as individuals and members of the community as “the best they can possibly be”.

Our new campus is located in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Based upon the courtyard model of King’s in Canterbury, it comprises many interesting features to create a positive environment for living and modern learning. There are distinct areas of the campus for the Prep and Senior School, but students enjoy many common facilities open for all ages. In addition to fully equipped bright classrooms and science laboratories, key features include:

  • Workshops for robotics and AI
  • A centre for all types of music ranging from traditional to modern with bespoke teaching and learning spaces including an orchestral room, music technology labs, a fully-equipped recording studio, dedicated classrooms and individual tuition and practice rooms
  • A drama and dance department comprising two main halls for performing, a black box theatre, a dance hall, equipment and costume stores, and bespoke teaching rooms
  • Sports facilities comprising a multi-use sports hall, a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool, a virtual sports room, a running track, and various outdoor sports and climbing areas
  • A dedicated centre for art comprising fine art rooms, a photography and video laboratory, textiles and ceramics workshops and a calligraphy room
  • A fully equipped and staffed Medical Centre
  • A Health & Well Being room in a central location for meditation and reflection
  • The library also in a prominent central location as a hub for learning with integral individual study areas and seminar rooms
  • Boarding for over 300 students in modern en-suite facilities
  • Dedicated indoor and outdoor relaxation and breakout spaces for students

The School’s principal entrance on Level 1 will open out into the main courtyard with the Library occupying a central area. From there, there will be easy access to the Health & Well Being room, robotics and technology workshops and the art rooms. Located behind these you will find the other science laboratories, the school’s kitchen and canteen, the main hall, the sports hall and swimming pool. Level 2 will feature more sports areas together with the specialist drama and music facilities, whilst Level 3 will site further sports facilities including a smaller gymnasium and the running track, the Medical Centre, and the entrance to the fourteen-storey student dormitory. Great care is being taken over the site’s landscaping with tropical trees and shrubs interspersed with concrete and practical play areas.


英国坎特伯雷国王学校,始建于公元 597 年,是英国乃至欧洲最古老的学校。国王学校的教育核心旨在追求超凡的学术能力与卓越的课外活动成就。2019年,坎特伯雷国王幼儿园落户于深圳市南山区,是英国坎特伯雷国王学校在海外的首家分校。即将于2022年秋季开学的坎特伯雷国王学校前海中小学校区(以下简称“国王中小学”),将秉持英国本部千年的全人教育理念,致力于通过学术课程、课外活动以及人文关怀等教育制度,让学生有大量的时间去探索、学习、表现自我;并通过张弛有度的教学方法,启发和激励每个国王学子的无限潜能。

精心打磨的课程体系是国王培养优秀学生的基石,雄厚的师资团队更是国王学校的硬实力。国王中小学的外教师资近90%为英国/爱尔兰籍,且平均拥有超过11年的教学经验。专设的学术副校长将充分拓展教师的教研技能和教学能力,拔高国王教学团队整体教学水平,同时也将帮助每一个国王学子在“Stretched but not Stressed 从容面对挑战”的学习环境中抵达心仪的世界名校!



  • 机器人教室和人工智能教室。
  • 适合从传统到现代的所有类型音乐的专用教室,提供定制的教学和学习空间,包括管弦乐室、音乐技术实验室、设备齐全的录音室、专用教室以及单独的教学和练习室。
  • 有两个大型演艺厅,一个黑匣子剧院,一个舞蹈教室,设备和服装店,以及定制的教学空间。
  • 体育设施,包括一个多功能体育馆、一个健身房、一个室内游泳池、一间虚拟运动室、200 米跑道以及各种户外运动和攀登区。
  • 专用艺术中心,设有美术室、摄影和视频实验室、纺织和陶瓷车间以及书法室。
  • 设备和人员配备齐全的医疗中心。
  • 位于中心位置的健康及心灵关爱中心。
  • 位于校园中心位置设有学习区的图书馆。
  • 可供 300 多名学生生活的,现代化的寄宿设施。
  • 专为学生提供的室内外小组研讨室和休息区。


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