Top 12 Theme Parks in Shenzhen for a Fun Family Time

Michelle Song   |   September 3, 2021

Hey, if you are considering planning a family outing to celebrate? Here’s an introduction to the main theme parks in Shenzhen that both you and your kids will find entertaining:

[Window of The World]


Only in China can you witness imitation and replication at its best. Featuring world-famous landmarks in miniature scales, this theme park guarantees that strange culture experience every foreigner who comes to China has to have. Can’t afford to visit Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome? Window of the World’s got you covered. With more than 60 miniature monuments and landmarks you and your kids can be occupied all day. It might be a kitsch experience for adults but it’s great to take your kids if you want to educate them about famous monuments around the globe. In a hot summer day you can take the monorail that goes around the park offering an aerial view of the park for a cooler option, although this along with other rides in the park charges extra. At night time the whole park are lit up with neon lights and captivating light and sound shows and circus performances are held. Better still, the night time entrance fee is only 60rmb.

How to get there: Metro Luobao line Window of the World station

Ticket Price:Adults: 180rmb. Kids under 1.2m of height and elderlies over 70 years old can enter for free with ID. Night time entrance fee: 60rmb.

Opening hours: 09:00-22:30, night time: 19:30-22:30

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[Happy Valley]


This is a standard amusement park that offers numerous exciting rides. Perfect for kids and teenagers. There’s a good roller coaster line-up, with three major large-scale roller coasters and some junior ones. Make sure to pay a visit to the river rapid ride, which is extremely rapid and at the end of the ride there are by-standers shooting high-pressured water guns at you. It’s a legit water war. Don’t go on a public holiday since the queue will be extremely long and you might get a heatstroke. Aside from the rides there’s also a 4D cinema and a variety of shows.

How to get there: Metro Luobao line Window of the World station

Ticket Price: 200rmb for day time, 100rmb for night

Opening Hours: Day time: 09:30-21:00; Ticket Exchange: 09:30-16:30, Holidays: 09:00-16:30。 Night time:18:00-21:00 Gate opens/closes: 18:00-19:30, Holidays: 18:00-22:00

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[Playa Maya Water Park]

This park is part of Happy Valley and it only opens from May 1st to October 7th. It is themed after the Mayan civilization with buildings and statues in Mayan architectural styles. This park features multiple huge slides that you can slide down on a rubber loop. There are large, steep slides and circular slides with a vertical drop. During the day, you can walk around the dense woods with exotic animals. At night time there are tribe dance performances.

Ticket Price: 200rmb

Opening Hours: 9:30-21:00, Ticket Exchange: 09:30—16:30, Holidays: 09:00—16:30

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[Splendid China Folk Park]

This theme park including two area: Splendid China Miniature Park & China Folk Culture Village. The park’s theme reflects the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and habits of various nationalities. The China Folk Culture Village features Chinese cultural shows, dances, drama and comedies that display the diverse cultures of the 56 nationalities in China. Enjoy beautiful costumes and intriguing customs of each tribe. The miniature park features miniature landmarks famous in China and will hopefully inspire you to visit these places all over China. Make sure you stay for the night show at 7pm: it definitely lives up to its name–splendid and fantastic!

How to get there: Metro Luobao line OCT station

**Ticket Price:Adults: 180rmb. Kids under 1.2m of height and elderlies over 70 years old can enter for free with ID. **

Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00

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[OCT East]


This is a huge theme park that features three main parks: Tea Stream Valley, Knight Valley and Yunhai Valley. Depending on your mood you can choose to take a nice long stroll among the beautiful tea plantation and Dutch style architecture in the Tea Stream Park or go for an exciting adventure in the Knight Valley: go see the Roaring Flood Show featuring exploding ships and stunts and jets doing tricks, then ride the cable all the way up to the Valley in the clouds. Tea Steam Park is great for a romantic date with your significant other, so for Children’s Day, it’s probably better to take your kids to the Knight Valley. Don’t miss a breath-taking ride on the water flume ride and the wooden coaster. Oh, and did I mention that the bobkart at OCT is one of the longest in the world?

How to get there: Take the 103, 387, J1, M207, M362 buses to Da Xia Gu statoin

Opening Hours: Weekday: 9:30-18:00,Weekend:9:00-18:00

**Ticket Price: Tea Stream Valley only:180rmb, Knight Valley only: 200rmb, Tea Stream Valley+Knight Valley: One day price:300rmb; Two days price:350rmb, Kids under 1.2m of height and elderlies over 70 years old can enter for free with ID. **

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[Dream Aquarium]

This is an Aquarium specially designed to give visitors the illusion of being immersed in deep ocean. Featuring 3D wall projection, water waves light projector and LED lights, the display will give you a vivid under-water experience. There is a variety of sea creatures here including sharks, whales, sea turtles and jelly fish. The jelly fish exhibition features more than twenty breeds of jelly fish in different shapes and sizes. They are absolutely exquisite. The sea lion theatre is also fascinating. Featuring six trained sea lion performers, the performance tells a futuristic story of the earth’s last sea lion’s struggle for survival, which is both inspiring and educational. How to get there: take the subway to Qiao Cheng East, then take the bus to Bin Hai Hospital or Bai Shi Road East station, there’s a five minute walk between OCT Bay and the bus stations.

Ticket Price: Exhibition: 60rmb, Exhibition+Sea Lion Performance: 100rmb

Opening Hours: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; Tuesday to Friday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; Monday 1:30 pm – 7:00 pm

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[Evergreen Resort]

The park has a tropical forest theme with a variety of vegetations and tropical fish and butterfly exhibitions. There’s no rides in this park but your kids that grew up in the city will not get bored exploring the oddities in the Melon Garden, walking in the Jurassic Park, and enjoying an authentic tropical rain shower in the rain forest (make sure to grab an umbrella before you enter the rain forest). The park emphases on promoting environmental awareness through playing. There are sculptures made with plastic caps and bottles scattered around the park. Your kids will go home well entertained and educated. Be careful though, the park can be very crowded during public holidays.

How to get there: Take the 210, 350, 423, 432, 42 buses to Qing Qing Shi Jie station

Opening Hours: 08:30—17:30

Ticket Prices: 60rmb for adults and children over the height of 1.5m, 30rmb for children between the height of 1.2 to 1.5m, elderlies between the age of 65-69

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[Shenzhen Safari Park]

Shenzhen’s only wildlife zoo that has all the major wild animals that your kids would normally be interested in including wildlife under China’s first and second class protection. In this zoo you get to interact with the animals in a close distance. Get ready to cross “holding a baby tiger” off your bucket list! The highlight in the zoo is an enclosed truck ride among the tigers. You get to feed them meat skewers through the glass windows. The truck ride costs an extra 50rmb though. The shows here include films shown in the 5D theatre, “Hundred Animals Parade” and circus shows featuring dolphins at the ocean wildlife section.

How to get there: The bus station here is called Dong Wu Yuan, you can take the 104, N5, 66, M203, 101, B796, 237, 226 buses

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:00

Ticket Price: 220rmb. Free entrance for children under the height of 1.2m, and elderlies over the age of 70. Children between the height of 1.2-1.5m, elderlies between the age of 65-69:120rmb.

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[Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World]

Shenzhen’s main ocean theme park. This park features quite a few arctic animals including beluga whales, sea elephants and penguins, which is the main visitor attraction. An aquarium with underwater walkways is also a main feature here. You get a chance to see exotic species in a close distance here. In the Ocean Theatre you can see ocean mammals doing tricks, underwater ballet and mermaid shows.

How to get there: Buses that can reach Xiaomeisha :No. 103、No. 103B、No. 364、No. 380、No. 380B、No. 387、No. E11、No. M207

Opening Hours: Weekday:9:30-18:00, Weekend:9:00-18:00

Ticket Prices: 160rmb for adults, 90rmb for children between the height of 1.2 to 1.5m, elderlies between the age of 65-69; free entrance for kids under 1.2m and seniors over 70 years old

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[Shenzhen Mangrove Seaside Ecology Park]

This is the best place for a relaxing day for a picnic and a long stroll on the broadwalk. Unlike zoos that use animals for human’s entertainment, the Mangrove Seaside Ecology Park doesn’t have that artificial feel to it–you can watch the wetland-bred birds dwelling in their natural habitats. You have the option to rent a bike at one of those bike stalls and ride along the coastline. Of course they have tandem bikes too–ride with your kids and have a little family bonding, it’s going to be the best day ever.

How to get there: Take the J1、76、80、K105、K113、K204、229、231、236、305、322、337、339、353、362、369、382 buses to Hong Shu Lin station

Opening Hours: 08:00-20:00

Ticket Price: Free entrance

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[Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden]

As its name suggests, the park has a plentiful of beautiful plants you don’t normally get to see in the city environment. The whole park has a picturesque vibe to it, perfect for a peaceful day out. It has a huge lake where you can rent one of those paddle boats. Shenzhen’s famous Hong Fa Buddhist temple is located here. A must-see in this park is the petrified garden. There’s a small Palaeontology Museum (extra charge) with spectacular displays of dinosaur skeletons. Outside the museum is a very large area with hundreds of petrified wood specimens. Your kids will definitely like seeing these trees turned into stones.

How to get there: Buses N15, 27, 57,113, 202, 214 at Lian Hu Jie Dao Ban Station

Opening Hours: 6:00-23:00

Ticket Prices: 20rmb for adults and children over the height of 1.4m, 10rmb for children between the height of 1.1 to 1.4m, elderlies between the age of 65-69,Kids under 1.1m of height and elderlies over 70 years old can enter for free with ID.

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[Myrules World]

Myrules world provides children between the age of 3 to 15 with career role play opportunities. Children can choose from more than 50 professions and have a taste of being a real citizen with their own ID card and ATM card. They can buy groceries with the money they earned at their chosen jobs.

How to get there: Myrules world is located at OCT Bay on the 2nd floor of Happy Coast Mall, take the subway to Qiao Cheng East, then take the bus to Bin Hai Hospital or Bai Shi Road East station, there’s a five minute walk between OCT Bay and the bus stations.

Opening Hours: 10:00-18:30

Entrance fee: Children:180rmb, Adult:50rmb

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The parks that you and your kids would both enjoy equally would probably be Splendid China Folk Park, OCT East, Evergreen Resort and Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. If you want your kids to not only have fun but also learn something at the end of the day, Dream Aquarium and Evergreen Resort should cover that. On a weekend or public holiday, all the parks will be more or less crowded, but if you’re going for a relatively peaceful option, choose Shenzhen Mangrove Seaside Ecology Park and Evergreen Resort. Happy Children’s Day!_