Now Shenzhen   |   August 25, 2021



Welcome to the Shenzhen Dragons Rugby Club – the finest rugby & social club in South China!

Formed in 2008, the Shenzhen Dragons have been a mainstay of the Pearl River Delta rugby circuit and beyond ever since. The club has both a men’s and women’s team who play in full contact matches throughout the year, including regular and spirited derbies with our local rival, the Guangzhou Rams. The club also travels to tournaments in other areas, including Macau and Hong Kong. This friendly, lively, yet competitive bunch welcomes all comers, regardless of age, ability or experience.

Club Structure

Our club is grassroots level, in that all the club’s support services and logistics are provided by club members. The club has a standing committee that is formed of and voted for by the club’s members at the start of each season.

The support we have seen from local sponsors, volunteers, private donors, and the dedicated work of club members who help to elevate and develop the club in their free time has truly been phenomenal, and it has allowed our club to become a mainstay of the Chinese rugby community.

Social Club

Outside of our dedication to the game of rugby, the Dragons also have a social club which hosts events around the city on a regular basis. These events range from adult-only nights at a local watering hole, to family-fun events like the Craft Beer Fest which offers not only beer, but live music, food, and games for the family. Rugby is a culture as well as a sport, and we do our best to foster the social aspect of that with both playing and non-playing members alike.


As southern China’s premier rugby club, we aim to create an atmosphere that fosters open-mindedness, fitness, understanding, fun, respect and dedication. Our doors are open to all regardless of age, gender, experience, fitness levels, religious or sexual orientation; and we hope to see anyone and everyone who is interested down at the pitch with us!


The Shenzhen Dragons men’s and women’s teams train together twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 20:30 to 22:30. We mix up our training sessions by working on various rugby aspects ranging from general fitness conditioning to full contact training. All training sessions are 50RMB and FREE for first timers to the club.

Thursday night sessions are also followed up by after-training drinks at MASH Gastropub. MASH kindly provide a FREE first beer for all training participants and presents the club a great environment in which to relax and socialize after a tough training session.

If you are interested or curious in rugby, feel free to come and join us. To find out more about training sessions, please feel free to contact a member of the club by clicking ‘contact us.’