Call for Ambassadors: NowShenzhen Ambassador Program

If you're known for your leadership in the Shenzhen community, actively engaging in WeChat groups, networking at events, and keeping your friends and circles informed with the latest news, then the Now Shenzhen Ambassador Program is tailor-made for you! This exclusive program brings together influential figures within Shenzhen, providing them with privileged access to firsthand insights and opportunities to contribute to the local community through NowShenzhen. It's the ultimate platform for movers and shakers who are passionate about shaping the future of Shenzhen.


What Are The Benefits To Being an Ambassador?

Sure, what is in it for you to be an ambassador?

Currently this is a closed, application only program, once accepted, will give you:

  • Access to a NowShenzhen Ambassador Wechat group - this is where breaking information and new opportunities will be shared for feedback and participation.
  • Swag! We will be bringing out more fun NowShenzhen “I Love Shenzhen” gear and of course hooking up our ambassadors
  • Admin and moderation ability on various wechat groups in the NowShenzhen community - this is where we need your skills. Depending on your interest and background, you’ll be a moderator of an official nowShenzhen wechat group on a specific topic and neighborhood.
  • Promotion on the NowShenzhen website, wechat, and other marketing channels - we will recognize you as an official NowShenzhen ambassador. Use this power and influencer wisely (as they say - with great power comes great responsibility). 

What Do You Need To Do?

Ok, so what is your side of the bargain?

  • Provide feedback and insights on news, events, and opportunities in your circle of interest. Whether that is business, foodies, dancing, or yoga - we want to hear from your expertise what NowShenzhen should be doing to better help that group in the city.
  • Share content and information - we can help you post on our website and channels, or you can provide the content directly. We want more contributors and you’d be a great one to share.
  • Moderate and oversee the Wechat group you’re assigned to. We will be upgrading you to admin / moderator status of the Wechat groups in your expertise, and you can work with our team and that group to keep it fun and active.


Sound Good? Let’s Have Your Application

So there you go - this is the NowShenzhen ambassador group program. 

Get access to early information, connect with other movers and shakers, contribute insights in your background, and be a moderator of a part of the NowShenzhen community.

Let a NowShenzhen team member know you’re interested and we will look forward to discussing more.