Shenzhen’s Hidden Gems

Joe Macpherson   |   October 9, 2019

Shenzhen has a great deal of places to see and visit. Many of them are small or interesting in their own way, but may not warrant a day trip of their own.  So, if you are ever in these areas, here are a few things you can check out.  Oh, and they are all free too.

Xiasha Temple


Serenity in the city

This little ensemble of temples and monuments is located in the unlikeliest of places, behind KKONE shopping mall.  I am unsure if they are newly built to appear older, or if in fact the age is genuine (quite possible since Shixia is one of the older urban villages) either way the more traditional style of the temples along with the modern sleek architecture of the mall provides an interesting juxtaposition.  This is a popular spot for photographers with a mixture of old and new, nice angles and views, and the abundance of people around.  If you come in the evening this is a hive of activity, with kids’ rollerblading or biking, aunties square dancing, or people just lazing around on a hot evening.  Definitely add this place to your list especially if you plan to visit the mall.


Community Buddha

By Metro: Xiasha metro station (line 9)  exit B.  Nearby the KKONE Mall

Shenzhen Industrial Museum


Industrial Design

This is one of the museums that gets very little attention and even fewer visitors, which is a pity because it is a very unique place. One of the biggest in Shenzhen this comprises of 9 whole floors for you to explore.  The theme as you could probably guess from the name is industry, specifically the technologies and industries synonymous with Shenzhen.  Each floor has a different exhibition from Green Power & High Tech Industry to the older style technologies from the 1990’s.  Some of it is pretty interactive too, which is a nice touch.  The building itself oozes industrial coldness but has a certain appeal and as with most buildings in Shenzhen, it looks great.  If you are a technology lover then this is the place for you.  Please bring your passport as you need this to enter.  Cost is free.


Interactive exhibits

Address: Located Civic Centre metro exit B
深圳市工业展览馆 Shenzhen Industrial Museum
福田区福中路3号 (市民广场)
By Metro: Block B, Civic Center, Shenzhen

Wenchuang Dream Park


A beautiful Shenzhen library

This wouldn’t ordinarily make any list of places to see in Shenzhen, but it makes this one because of the beautiful small library there.  Tucked away deep in Bao’an this is a chore to get to. As you walk to the park you’ll be dodging e-bikes and navigating a construction site, but it is a nice little quirky oasis in the city.  The area will appear dead quiet, and it is, mainly because there is no real reason for the locals to come here.  With a nice little rose garden, some graffiti dotted about and a large lake, it is nice enough to look at but nothing you can’t get in another part of the city.  The star attraction is undoubtedly the library.  It is incredibly beautiful and makes for wonderful photographs. Hidden inside a glass capsule it feels futuristic and incredibly cool. There will be some people quietly reading books or even napping, its very very quiet here so I can understand why.


Scenic lake next to the library

Qiaotou Metro station line 11 exit C
Cross-Strait Wenchuang Dream Park, 8 Renshan Street 2, Bao’an District

SoFun Land


Sheldon looks down from SoFun Land

Written about in a previous NowShenzhen article, this is a place that growing in popularity but which is still not widely known in the city.  Home of the Jardin Orange Art Studio and with little cafes and bars dotted around, this a nice place for a walk.  Very quiet during the weekdays, it comes alive a bit at night with local students from the university campus frequenting here.  The star of the show here is the graffiti art murals that are splashed around, some big some small, all very cool.  You can spend hours on a hunt for your favourite one.  This area is rapidly developing and no doubt SoFun Land will develop with it, who knows it may even rival OCT LOFT one day.


Graffiti art is everywhere here

By Metro: Tanglang metro station exit D
Address: 133 Tangxing Lu, Nanshan District

Shenzhen Graffiti Wall


Unique Shenzhen atrraction

This is the classic definition of a hidden gem.  Located in the HongHu Park this wall stretches for at least 1 km if not more.  On it you will find some of the most creative and original graffiti murals in the city.  From ‘Rick & Morty’ to ‘Big Fat Chicken’ there is something that will be sure to make everyone laugh.  The wall is often updated with fresh murals too so each time you go there is a chance it will be different.  While you’re here be sure to check out the park itself which is one of my favourites in the city. Large and clean it is nice to walk around and get some peace and quiet.  With a large lake and many benches around it is a good place to relax.  During peak summer season the lotus flowers are in bloom and this park becomes one of the most popular places in the city, during the other 9 months or so of the year it is pretty quiet.


More graffit art for you to see

By Metro: HongHu metro station line 7 Exit D (inside the park)
Address: No. 2023 Wenjin Bei Lu, Luohu District

Abandoned Theme Park


Theme park left to the elements

Located nearby the restaurant complex of 1979 Futian this former theme park now lays abandoned and it makes for an interesting sight.  Left to decay away over the years this has become a Shenzhen photographers favourite spot, due to its interesting theme and composition.  Many photo walks have taken place here.  Technically you cannot get too close to the machines, however if at your own risk you choose to then, it is perfectly doable, just slip through a gap in the fence, however sometimes the guard will be there and stop you.  Sunset on a good weather day is especially great here, and afterwards 1979 makes for a good place to eat and drink.


By metro: Xiangmei North station exit B2
Address: 1979 Culture and Innovation Park, 1011 Qiaoxiang Lu, Futian District福田区侨香路1011号1979文化创意园区A区3栋1层
Shenzhen Soil & Water Conservation Park

Eco friendly walk

This free ‘park’ of sorts is located in the Xili sub-district of Nanshan.  What’s appealing about this place is just how quiet it is, not even the locals come here.  You can sit at the base of the mountain and look over the reservoir while having a peaceful moment or two.  There are some unique geological features of this place which make it worth an hour or two of your time and you can get a few Insta worthy snaps in as well.  It’s a good place to stroll, climb a hill and get some good views of nature.  Closed on Mondays


Slice of nature

Address: No. 4148, Shahe Road West, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区沙河西路4148号)

MOCAPE Building


Unbelievable architecture

Possibly the coolest building in the whole of Shenzhen, upon entering you will be left amazed as a result of its sheer outstanding beauty. Housed in a silver dome, this is an easily recognizable building, with it’s reflective colours, sleek design and cool edges.  It is topped off by a large silver cloud in the middle.  This houses ever changing exhibitions, including fashion week and design week.  It also has a semi-permanent ‘40 years of Shenzhen exhibition’.  This is most definitely a building for any budding photographer.  Closed on Mondays. Bring you passport with you.


Very photogenic building

By Metro: Children’s Palace Metro Station exit A1
Address: No.184, Fuzhong rd, Futian District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen has many more of these ‘hidden gems’ to explore, some truly hidden and some simply new that nobody yet knows about.  Get off at a random metro station and have a look around, walk into areas you haven’t been before and see what’s there. You never know you may yourself discover some ‘hidden gems.’  

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