Bao’an Foreign Languages Association (BAFLA)

Now Shenzhen   |   May 10, 2024

Bao’an Foreign Languages Association (BAFLA) and Bay Area International Exchange Service Center are nonprofit organizations funded by local Government to offer free services and help for foreign individuals and businesses in the Greater Bay Area, as part of its efforts in improving the investment environment.

100 free services in three categories

  • Enterprise Services
    • Registering companies
    • Finding offices
    • Connecting banks, accounts…
    • Connecting businesses
  • Personal Affairs Services
    • Temporary residence registration
    • Work permit
    • Visa
    • Green card
  • Information and Consultation
    • Legal advice
    • Policy consultation
    • Recruiting personnel
    • Public facilities…

60+ Events/Activities every year

  • Forums
  • Networking events
  • Chinese classes
  • Visiting local companies

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