British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong

Now Shenzhen   |   November 4, 2022

About BritCham Guangdong 广东英国商会

The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong (BritCham Guangdong, is a membership based organisation in China, helping members with business development through events, networking, introductions and referrals. Established in 1996, BritCham is one of the most active and influential Chambers in the PRD (now the GBA) and has offices in both Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with the ability to serve our members across the PRD.

广东英国商会(英商会,是一个会员制的非政府、非营利组织。英商会成立于 1996 年,是珠三角地区(现为大湾区)最为活跃并最具影响力的商会之一。通过组织活动,提供社交机会、 介绍及推荐,英商会充当着公司及个人之间的桥梁纽带。

Our mission is to become the most business-savvy chamber in China by providing a platform that supports our members to connect via events, promote through our marketing channels and share insights through industry focus groups. As an integral part of the vast network of British Chambers throughout China, we are focused on providing you with business support, training from industry leaders and elite networking opportunities to grow your business capabilities.


Membership Promotion 会员服务推广

Do you want to grow your business further in 2022? By joining the British Chamber of Commerce, you will give your business a great head start for the year ahead by connecting you with other leading UK and Chinese businesses, helping you to gain more connections, better business knowledge and an expanded network. Let’s co-create together!

贵公司还在期待在 2022 年有新的突破吗?快加入广东英国商会,我们将给您提供与领先的中英企业更好的交流机会,帮助您链接更多的资源,得到更专业的商业知识和更广的人脉。一起共创商机吧!

What We Do 会员权益和服务

Connect 联系

  • Connect members with other members
  • Connect members with other local business leaders
  • Connect members with UK and Chinese government
  • Ensure members are connected to the local business environment
  • 增强会员企业之间的联系
  • 增强会员企业与本地商业领导之间的联系
  • 增强会员企业与中英政府之间的联系
  • 促进会员企业与本地商业环境的融合

Promote 提升

  • Promote your business across the Greater Bay Area
  • Promote the business interests of members
  • Promote the UK-South China commercial exchange and investment
  • Promote member businesses to local and international markets
  • Promote Britain as an investment destination
  • 在大湾区推广您的品牌
  • 提升会员企业的商业利益
  • 促进英国与中国南部地区的商业交流及投资
  • 促进会员企业进入本地及国际市场
  • 提升英国作为投资目的地的地位

Share 分享

  • Share members’ knowledge, skills and experience with other members
  • Share partners’ knowledge and information
  • Share our own local knowledge and information with members
  • Share information with third parties and partners to help support members
  • 分享会员企业的知识技能及经验
  • 分享合作伙伴的知识技能和资讯
  • 与会员企业分享商会的本地资源和信息
  • 与第三方及合作伙伴分享商业信息以帮助、支持会员企业

Membership Category


Our membership network is comprised of companies operating in a wide range of sectors and industries, including Education, Business Services, Healthcare & Life Science, Technology & Innovation, Hi-end Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Trading and etc. Up to today, BritCham has over 150 members and is growing.

我们在广州设有办公室,以便更好的服务珠三角地区的会员企业。截止目前,英商会已有 150 余家会员企业,并在不断增长中。我们的会员网络涵盖各行各业,包括教育、专业服务业、医疗健康、科技与创新、高端制造业、供应链、贸易等行业。

2022 British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong’s is now open to new members, and we offer a range of benefits to our members, which you can read below. We offer four membership categories, which are supporting member, corporate member, start-up member, and individual member.

We look forward to having you join our membership!

2022 年广东英国商会的会员计划已经开始啦,成为我们的会员,可以享受多样的会员权益和服务。我们提供四种会员类别,分别是年度合作会员、企业会员、初创会员和个人会员。


Membership Benifits and Services 会员权益及服务

Membership Rights 会员基本权益

  • Opportunity to run and vote for BritCham’s Executive Committee 有权在商会年度大会上参选或投票选举英商会委员会成员
  • Membership for all company staff 公司所有员工都享有英商会会员身份
  • Discount on rental of facilities at the British Business Centre 优惠价格租用英国中心会议室

Events and Focus Groups 活动及工作小组

  • Event and training participation 活动和培训合作机会
  • Event co-create opportunities 英商会活动共创机会

Marketing and Promotion 市场宣传及推广

  • Free promotion through BritCham’s marketing channels 使用英商会市场宣传渠道
  • Free exposure opportunities 免费品牌推广机会

Introductions and Referrals 推荐及介绍

  • Participation in BritCham Business Referrals events 参加英商会商务对接会
  • Opportunity to meet UK delegations 有机会接见英国代表团
  • Exclusive networking with BritCham partners (British Consulate, DIT, CBBC, etc.) 链接英商会合作伙伴(英国驻广州总领事馆、英国国际贸易部、英中贸易协会等)

To Apply for BritCham GD Membership to enjoy the above benefits, please click here to submit your application! 如您希望加入广东英国商会成为我们的会员、链接更多中英商业资源,请点击此处此处跳转申请链接。

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Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: 广东英国商会

Address: Guangzhou Office: Room 2201B, 22/F, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, No. 5 Zhujiang Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510623

Address CN: 广州办公室:广州市天河区珠江西路5号广州国际金融中心22层2201B

Phone: 020-8331 5013-605