Bauer’s Pet Cuisine

Now Shenzhen   |   March 7, 2023

Bauer’s Pet Cuisine is a German and Chinese-owned online Pet-Store specializing in imported dog and cat supplies for pets that don’t eat food — they eat “cuisine”. They stock a range of pet cuisines that you won’t find anywhere else: dry and wet food, snacks and treats, pets oils, cat litter, and accoutrements. Bauer’s offers most of the well-known international pet food brands and the higher quality local ones as well, so if you’ve got picky pets, it’s one to check out. They also have weekly specials on various products. Customer service is available in English, German, and Chinese.

“Verified Pet Food For Your Four-Legged Friends!”

Bauer’s Pet Cuisine was founded by a German and a Chinese to provide safe and genuine imported pet food. We only work with official distributors and our double verification fully ensures that all the products offered in our store are genuine. Our goal is to keep pets safe and healthy, providing them with quality nutrients!

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Phone: 13661918122

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