Breathtaking Mountains in Shenzhen for Hiking

Now Shenzhen   |   August 23, 2021

China is known for its ancient history and wonders. When you think of China, the first thing that comes to mind is the Great Wall. But ancient relics are not the only things that you can see in China for it is also filled with natural wonders. At the top of the list are the mountains in Shenzhen. Shenzhen mountains are heaven to hikers. The lush greens and exotic flora and fauna, clear streams and rivers, are beautiful to behold.

There are many mountains for hikers in Shenzhen. Let us start with the highest peak in the Pearl River Delta, the Wutong Mountain. Since the Ming Dynasty, this has been considered one of the most beautiful places and was included in the Eight Great Views of Xin’an County. Wutong is 943.7 meters above sea level and is near to the downtown area and the beach. Wutong has two peaks: Lesser Wutong and Greater Wutong. The route going to Greater Wutong is more difficult than that of Lesser Wutong. Whether it is night or day, the view from the top is breathtaking.

If you want to fall in love, climb Maluan Mountain. Tagged as Romantic Mountain, many relationships blossomed while climbing it probably due to the scenery and the coolness of the atmosphere. Hikers love to trek Maluan Mountain because of the many waterfalls, streams and rivers that are usually shaded by trees that they do not feel the heat even during the hottest of summer. It is famous for its plum blossom trees that flourish in January.

Among Shenzhen mountains no other has a wider area than Tanglang Mountain. With an area of about 15,000 acres, it has one of the most varied species of flora, so rare that they are under government protection. Tanglang Mountain has two routes for visitors to reach the summit: the winding road and mountain trail. Which one to take depends on your fancy. Both routes offer stunning scenery to make your trek leisurely.

Fenghuang or Phoenix Mountain in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen is steep but striking. It is 678 meters high and overlooks Shenzhen Bay in the south. It is covered with large trees and colorful flowers. What makes this unique are not just the fountains and caves but the old temples that give it an air of serenity. The trip to the top is divided into three beautiful segments. The Pagoda at the foot of the mountain where you can see the Fenghuang Wenchang Pagoda, the Morning Dog Stone , the Buffalo Site, the Sacred Fountain, and the Pumen Shixian Memorial Arch. The next stop is the Temple Site located on the mountainside. This is the main attraction which holds the Dew from the White Vase, Fenghuang Cave and the Longevity Well. At the very top is the sunset glow where you get more than a view of the sunset but also of the All-blessing Cave, the Stone Whey Lake and the Stone of Roaring Lion. Just hearing the names, you already know that your trip is going to be very exciting and interesting.

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