Celebrating Labor Day China

Harry Fozzard   |   October 8, 2021

International Labor Day in China is one of China’s three Golden weeks, the other two being the Spring Festival and October National Day. May Day in China is a week long holiday for China’s workers. Until 2008, it is when workers get a 7-day leave from work to celebrate. During this time, the air fares double or triple in price, and hotel accommodations for guests and tourists are almost always fully booked. For both tourists and locals, booking a flight to and from China is done at an earlier time, like weeks or months before the holiday.

China Labor Day Celebration includes many kinds of events and activities. International Labor Day in China is also the marker for the transition between the spring and summer seasons. In most parts of China, the climate is mild, and many flowers are abloom. The first of May is also a workers’ holiday for other countries like Brazil, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Nepal, Norway, and Sweden. On this day, many are commemorating the 1886 Chicago Haymarket Massacre. Labor Day China has become a long weekend of celebration for China workers, depending on what day of the week the first of May falls on.

During the celebration of Labor Day in China, there are many events and festivities that are popular among tourists and locals. The streets are lined up with booths that sell flowers, food, toys, and other Chinese products. This is a great way to showcase China’s quality products and promote their rich culture as well. To start the day of celebration, people gather in the Tian’anmen Square in Beijing for a flag raising ceremony. Soldiers in uniform surround the place and represent the discipline of the citizens. Children in costumes represent their schools in the various Chinese dances they perform after parading in the streets. Other citizens organize different contests such as talent shows and animal competitions for dogs and other pets.

The China Labor Day Celebration will not be complete without the participation of the laborers themselves. Dressed in their uniforms, groups of workers also perform songs and dances, and even play games against other teams. At the end of the day, everyone remains friends after a healthy competition in sports and games. Everyone is recharged and full of vigor for the coming days, and again, inspired by the true value of Labor Day. It is not just a day or two of vacation, but a time for strengthening bonds in the work force and in the family.

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