Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

David Ho   |   December 18, 2020

2020 was an “interesting” year. As we come to the end of the year, we can be grateful for so many things, like our health, relationships, friendships, and much more!

With just a few weeks left to find the perfect gift, here’s a few suggestions from Sam’s Club to reduce your annual gifting stress and make it a little fun for you.

Amado Trejo has done his holiday shopping as a Sam’s Club member for the last 4 years. Here’s what he shopped for last week!

Here’s something for kids of all ages to enjoy indoors or outdoors. Engage both their minds and bodies!

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure Game set
RMB 2969
Classic World Building Blocks of Beijing Hotpot
RMB 169
Maserati Scooter
RMB 399

(that’s all of us!)

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Many of us will buy this for ourselves! That’s ok as long as you also give chocolates to those you’re grateful to.

Member’s Mark Belgium Imported Assorted Chocolate
RMB 49.8
Godiva Chocolate Domes Milk Chocolate Cripsy Hazelnut
RMB 188
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate RMB 129 | Member’s Mark Belgium Chocolate Sea Shells RMB 68 | Lindt Golden Hazelnut Dark Chocolate RMB 119

Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, and all the MasterChef winners watch out — there’s a new kid on the block.  So please help your friends in their quest to become world-famous chefs too with a “budding Chef” gift.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan RMB 267 | Hamilton Beach Professional Blender RMB 2999
Panasonic Electric Oven RMB 2969
Westinghouse Air Fryer  RMB 529

If your friends or loved one is the next Kim Kardashian, help them with the ideal social media influencer gift.

iPhone 12 RMB 6448.9
Apple AirPods Pro RMB 1950
DJI Pocket 2 RMB 2499

Perfumes are often the perfect gift as it gives the wearer an alluring scent of passion and enchantment.

Calvin Klein Perfume RMB 209
Bvlgari Pour Homme Perfume RMB 429.9 | Versace Perfume Set RMB 499.9 | Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid Perfume RMB 359.8

Thinking about them tires me out but let’s help them on their search for fitness nirvana with some useful and thoughtful gifts.

Huaiwei Freelace Pro Wireless Headphones
RMB 549
UGO Yoga Mat
RMB 129
Johnson Treadmill EVOLVE
RMB 2999
Westinghouse Blender
RMB 198

Choose your favourite gifts here and simply click away. And if you decide to buy these gifts for yourself, your secret’s safe with us.

You deserve a little self-indulgence for not only surviving 2020, but thriving!

Gifts for Kids

Classic World Building Blocks Of Forbidden City
RMB 218

Gifts for the Chocolate Lover 

Lindt Golden Hazelnut Dark Chocolate
Gift Box 175g
RMB 119

Gifts for the budding Cordon Bleu Chef

Westinghouse Air Fryer 3L
RMB 529

Gifts for the Soon-To-Be Social Media Influencer 

iPhone 12 Mini 128GB
RMB 5949

Gifts for the Perfume Addicted

Calvin Klein CK one Gold Perfume
RMB 209

Gifts for the Tireless Workout Warrior

Westinghouse Blender WSX-S21
RMB 198

Need more quality gift ideas? Check out what Amado recommends at Sam’s Club.

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