Jingshan Villa

David Ho   |   May 20, 2020

Founded in 1986 by China Merchants Property Development (CMPD), Jingshan Villa is a high-end property development covering an area of 350,000 square meters that is 80% green and comprises 181 villas and 77 apartments. The largest villa is 500 square meters while the smallest apartment is still 160 square meters. 

Located on the west side of Nanhai Avenue in Shekou, Jingshan Villa is surrounded by Danan Mountain while out across the water is Hong Kong. For over 30 years, people from all over the world have called Jingshan Villa their home, with some tenants staying for more than 15 years.

Many senior managers and presidents of some of the biggest companies in the world have chosen to bring their families to live in Jingshan Villa. Over time, a warm and family-friendly atmosphere has been cultivated. One that anyone from anywhere in the world can feel safe in and enjoy. It is no surprise that Jingshan Villa has become one of the largest foreign communities in Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, Jingshan Villa provides 24-hour security service seven days a week, and offers personal housekeeping, laundry services, and landscaping services. Residents can also find three international schools, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, playgrounds, a football pitch, and a tennis court all located within Jingshan Villa.

Jingshan Villa is situated next to Sea World, one of the most iconic landmarks in Shenzhen. The plaza includes the Minghua Cruise and Center Plaza among others. Visitors can expect to find delicious cuisine from China and all over the world, regular entertainment and live music, boutique shopping, and much, much more. 

 鲸山别墅位于深圳市蛇口南海大道南段西侧,与香港隔海相望,依山傍海,绿树成荫。招商地产秉承“把蛇口建成最适合人类居住的地方”的理念,于1986 年开始分八期建成了如今的鲸山别墅,是目前南中国最集中的涉外别墅小区之一。 鲸山别墅占地面积35万平方米,建筑面积8万平方米,容积率低,私密性好,其背靠大南山,面向深圳湾,绿化率超过80%,因此空气清新环境优美。 鲸山共有独栋别墅183套,公寓78套,最大户型面积约500平方米,公寓最小户型面积约160平方米。 社区内配套有三所国际学校、游泳池、网球场、足球场、篮球场、健身房、游乐场等,提供7天24小时保安服务,一对一管家服务、清洁和绿化服务等。

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name:  鲸山别墅
  • Address:  No. 1007, Nanhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518067 广东省深圳市南山区南海大道1007号
  • Phone:  +86 (755) 26890072 / 18924650039
  • Email:  [email protected]