3 Meter, 4 Pound King Cobra Discovered and Captured in Shenzhen

ShekouDaily   |   October 6, 2020

At about 5 pm on October 1st, the police from the Universiade City Police Station were patrolling the Universiade Park and its surroundings when they heard unusual noises by a bush of lush foliage outside the park. They approached to check and as they got closer, they found a big blue-black snake trying to break through and climb up the road.

As the snake saw them approaching, it straightened up, spit out at them and made an attack.

The police evacuated onlookers and notified the park management office to deal with the snake. Due to its proximity to the road, especially as more and more people were expected to flock to the park to enjoy the full moon, the giant snake needed to be dealt with immediately.

The staff, including a veteran with snake hunting experience, quickly arrived with special tools. It took several attempts but with the help of the police, the staff were able to successfully get the snake into a woven bag. The snake was then taken to the Shenzhen Animal Association for disposal.

 What kind of snake is this?

The snake has been identified as a 3 meters long King Cobra weighing about 4 pounds. King cobras are more ferocious than ordinary cobras and are one of the most dangerous snakes.

The king cobra is extremely toxic. Compared with other cobras, it has a more ferocious temperament, has an extremely quick response, flexible head and neck rotation, and is highly venomous. It is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

The king cobra is often found in Southwest and South China, and usually inhabits grasslands, open slopes and woods. Its main food is similar species-other snakes, so it is difficult to see other kinds of snakes in the territory of the King Cobra.

 Police reminder

When traveling and hiking, remember not to get close to low lying bushes and foliage. If you encounter snakes, do not provoke them. Leave the area as soon as possible, and notify the authorities.

Snakes in another park in Shenzhen

At 12:30 pm on October 1st, at the entrance of Shenzhen Mangrove Seashore Ecological Park, a colorful python was lying lazily on the grass basking in the sun.

Subsequently, staff from the Wildlife Rescue Center arrived to provide professional rescue to the python. After identification, the python was found to be 3 meters long and weighs 20 kg. It is a Burmese python which is a national first-class protected animal.

Snakes are common in almost all parks in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen Park Management Center said that due to the good environment and weather, almost all parks in Shenzhen have recorded snakes.

There are more than 40 species of venomous snakes in Shenzhen, and there are about 10 common species. It is reported that the number of venomous snake wound incidents received by Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital this year has increased significantly compared with previous years, among them, the bamboo leaf green and cobra are most common.

Source: 长3米4斤重!深圳一地惊现眼镜王蛇!