A Foreigner’s Guide to SZ: Getting a SIM card

Now Shenzhen   |   March 28, 2024
Editor’s note: 

To better serve foreign visitors and expats arriving in Shenzhen, we hereby present “A Foreigner’s Guide to Shenzhen.” Featuring guidebook-style videos and articles, the series will cover various aspects of living, working and travelling in the city from the moment expats arrive, from residency and payments to transportation. In this issue, we provide a general guide to getting a SIM card in China as a foreigner.
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1. How to get a SIM card in China? 如何办理境内手机电话卡?

To get a SIM card from a major telecommunication services provider on the Chinese mainland, you need to visit one of the provider’s physical stores. You will need to present valid identification, such as your current passport, for real-name registration. It is recommended that you contact the physical store before your visit to confirm with store staffers the materials you need to bring with you. 

2. What are the major telecommunication services providers? 有哪些主要电信运营商可供选择?

There are four major telecommunication service providers on the Chinese mainland, namely China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Broadnet. 

3. How can I find a physical store of the above-mentioned elecommunication services providers? 如何找到上述电信运营商的营业厅?

Each provider has many physical stores scattered across the city. You can easily find one using a map app. For example, to locate a China Mobile physical store nearby, simply search “中国移动” on your preferred map app. 

SOURCE: Eye Shenzhen