Am I Qualified for Chinese “Green Card”?

Now Shenzhen   |   October 12, 2022

Chinese “Green Card” is a permanent residence card issued by the government of the People’s Republic of China to foreign citizens. It is a legal identity document for foreigners who have obtained permanent residence status to stay in China. There is no restriction on the duration of their stay in China, and they can enter and leave China with their passports and green cards. Border, no need to apply for a visa. And they have the same rights as Chinese citizens in investing, buying a house, opening a bank account, applying for a driver’s license and schooling their children. 

What’s the Benefits of China Green Card?

Application Conditions of Chinese “Green Card”

Today we will elaborate on the requirements for applying for a Chinese green card in Shenzhen. There are five main categories as below: 

I. Overseas Chinese

1. Overseas Chinese with Ph.D.

  1. Have a doctoral degree or above;
  2. Work in a Shenzhen company.

2. Overseas Chinese without Ph.D.

  1. Have been working for four consecutive years in an enterprise in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, currently work in a Shenzhen company;
  2. Have lived in China at least six months each year.

II. Reunion Category

1. Foreigner married a Shenzhen resident

  1. Chinese spouse is a Shenzhen resident; 
  2. More than five years marital relationship;
  3. Have been living in China for 5 years and staying at least 9 months each year;
  4. Have a stable living guarantee and domicile.

2. Minor foreigner reunited with their parents in Shenzhen

  1. One or both parents are Chinese citizens (with permanent residence in Shenzhen) or foreigners with permanent residence in China;
  2. Under the age of 18 and unmarried;
  3. Have foreign nationality after nationality examination.

3. Foreigner relying on Shenzhen immediate relative

  1. Those who have no immediate family abroad and rely on his/her immediate family members in China;
  2. Have lived in China for 5 consecutive years and stayed in China for no less than 9 months each year;
  3. With stable living security and residence.

III. Employment Category

1. Senior executives

  1. Hold the positions of chairman/vice chairman/general manager/ deputy general manager or above in China, or have associate professor/associate researcher/other deputy senior titles or above;
  2. Has served for four consecutive years, and has resided in China for not less than three years accumulatively within four years;
  3. Good tax records;
  4. The employer meets one of the following conditions and has been for four consecutive years:

A. Work in various departments of the State Council, scientific research institutions affiliated to the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, or public institutions with administrative nature or functions;

B. Those who work in key institutions of higher learning (“211 Project” schools);

C. Work in an enterprise or institution that implements a national key engineering project or a major scientific and technological project;

D. Work in a high-tech enterprise/an encouraged foreign-invested enterprise/a foreign-invested advanced technology enterprise, or a foreign-invested product export enterprise.

Accompanying spouses of the above persons and their unmarried children under the age of 18 can apply for the corresponding permanent residence permit at the same time.

2. Employees whose salaries and personal taxes meet the standards

  1. The foreigner has worked in Guangdong for 4 consecutive years, and has actually lived in China for not less than 6 months in each of the 4 years;
  2. Foreigners who have annual salary income (before tax) of more than 400,000 RMB for 4 consecutive years and pay salary-based personal income tax of 70,000 RMB or more each year;
  3. Upon the recommendation of the employer, you can apply for permanent residence in China. 

Foreigner’s spouse and minor children can apply together if his/her annual salary is more than 671,000RMB and annual individual income tax is more than 135,000RMB. (May change in the future).

IV. High-end Talents Category

1. R Visa Holders

  1. The high-level foreign talents recognized by the competent department of talents in Guangdong Province, the senior professional foreign talents employed and guaranteed by enterprises approved by the competent department of scientific and technological innovation of Guangdong Province and the Guangdong Free Trade Office, as well as foreign high-level talents employed by institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes in Guangdong Province; 
  2. Have worked in Guangdong Province continuously for not less than 3 years before the date of application; 
  3. Have been recommended by the employer.

2. High-end Talents

Foreigners who meet the criteria for the identification of high-level foreign talents may apply for permanent residence upon the recommendation of the Guangdong Provincial Free Trade Office or the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Their spouses and children may apply together.

3. Top Talents

Foreigners who meet one of the following conditions can apply for permanent residence in Shenzhen (their foreign spouses and minor children can apply together):

  1. Foreign personnel who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the China’s economic development and social progress;
  2. The world’s top experts, experts with special skills and celebrities who are of great value to China.

V. Investment and Entrepreneur Category

1. Entrepreneur Category

According to the evaluation standard of talent points, foreigners who reach a certain score can apply for permanent residence on the basis of the relevant points evaluation certificate issued by Guangdong Free Trade Office or Shenzhen Foreign Trade Bureau.

2. Foreigners who invest in Shenzhen.

  1. Those who have a stable investment situation for three consecutive years, with a total investment of US $1 million (or more than US $500000 for industries encouraged by the Industrial guidance Catalog for Foreign Investment promulgated by the State);
  2. Have a good tax record. 

Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 18 of investors who have actually injected a total of registered capital of more than 2 million US dollars (more than US $500000 for industries encouraged by the Industrial guidance Catalog for Foreign Investment promulgated by the State) for three consecutive years can apply together.

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