Attention To Detail Reaches The Pinnacle Of Elegance And Luxury

Now Shenzhen   |   December 6, 2023


Shenzhen, China (November 24, 2023) — In the serene night accompanied by the radiant moonlight, the mellifluous and magnetic vocals cut through the twilight, unveiling the veil of revelry and indulgence that descends with the night. Stepping into the bar located on the 38th floor of Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, as the elevator opens, a spectacular night unfolds—melodies of the band, the sweet fragrance of drinks, and the cheers of guests intertwine into a dreamy and lively atmosphere of joy and fervor. Welcome to The Penthouse Live Bar & Teppan, designed exclusively for the night.

Like being in a luxurious penthouse atop Manhattan, against the backdrop of vibrant colored halos and dazzling golden sequins, The Penthouse appears as a unique and enticing playground. The bustling and captivating city skyline is reflected through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows, unabashedly presenting itself to the guests enjoying a leisurely drink, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of “everyone is awake, only I am intoxicated.” Every detail exudes utmost elegance, extreme luxury, and a moderate sense of indulgence and enchantment.

The bar’s well-defined design zones ensure that every guest can fully indulge in the pleasures of the moment— the “Interactive Kitchen” ready to present a feast of teppan delights, the deep yet warm “Lounge,” the elegantly maintained “Veranda” adorned with carefully curated floral arrangements, the punctual initiation of lively dances in the “Stage Area,” and the “Bar Counter” where a resident mixologist crafts exquisite cocktail.

Accompanied by the infectious melodies of the international five-member band “Elements Band” and the DJ, guests begin to sway and dance, while servers elegantly navigate through the crowd, offering a range of delicious Japanese snacks and selected wines, spirits, and crafted cocktails. Laughter and cheers permeate the air, and the warming exchanges between strangers during clinking glasses quickly narrow the gap, infusing the venue with a touch of warmth. The entire space exudes a comfortable and delightful atmosphere.

As dawn approaches, the exclusive revelry of The Penthouse party gradually comes to an end. The lingering sparkle in the eyes of the departing guests bears witness to an unforgettable night, eagerly anticipating the next gathering.

About The Penthouse

The Penthouse live bar teppan is located on the 38th floor of the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. The bar features a mansion style design with distinct zones, including an “Interactive Kitchen,” “Scenic Balcony,” “Stage Area,” and “Bar Counter,” making it perfect for private parties and various celebrations. The bar has a soaring height of over 10 meters, adorned with a large dragon shaped art installation designed by Wilson Associates, an American interior architecture firm. Illuminated by golden warm lights on both sides, metal fragments create dazzling reflections in the wind. Accompanied by the infectious live performances of the international five-member band “Elements” and a DJ, the atmosphere becomes surreal, providing guests with the ultimate visual and auditory enjoyment. Additionally, The Penthouse offers an exclusive interactive teppan experience, adding a fiery ambiance to guests’ parties. The chef’s selection of various snacks, paired with meticulously crafted cocktails and a variety of beverages by the mixologist, fills the entire space with a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere of indulgence.

About Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Located in the heart of Shenzhen’s dynamic business and entertainment area of Luohu District, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is conveniently positioned only five minutes from the metro system, so there is easy access to every other district of the city. Being adjacent to MixC Shopping Mall, the hotel possesses the conveniences of retail stores, cinemas, a supermarket and even an indoor ice-skating rink. The hotel is housed in a distinctive 38-storey crested building, with 471 luxury rooms and suites, all with floor-to-ceiling picture windows offering breathtaking city views or Hong Kong mountain views. Our 2,769-square-meter dedicated event space provides options for everything from a cozy party of ten to functions for hundreds. Adhering to the catering philosophy of Hyatt, “thoughtfully sourced, carefully served,” Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is truly the city’s major dining hub, offering a total of seven distinctive restaurants and a bar – , including The Show Kitchen, 1881, La Terrazza, China Lodge, Belle-Vue Grill, Sugar Box, The Penthouse and The Lounge, which will meet the diversified needs of guests. For additional information or to make a reservation, please visit

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