Book Exchange Library | Status Update

Now Shenzhen   |   March 30, 2023

Hey! Long time no see! remember us? Your friendly neighborhood, free-to-attend library event, confusingly called Book Exchange. Our community-run library is currently homeless, and looking for a new location.

Due to unforeseen changes, the Shuiwei community service center is no longer able to house our ever-expanding book collection, all 1500 volumes and counting, entirely made up of donations from expats and locals who’ve attended events. And as you may be painfully aware, we’ve been on a very extended hiatus for the whole year and most of last year.

While we love our community service center venue, which generously lent us their space for free for almost a decade, we understand that it’s time to move on, however, a new location has so far been hard to find.

So, in keeping with the community spirit that has always been at the core of our library, we are reaching out to all of you for help. If anyone knows of a location that would be willing to house our library, and permit us to continue to operate entirely for free, as we have always been, please reach out to us!

Housing the library would require storage space for a large volume of books and allow us to hold regular events to have people over for a few hours twice a month, plus the occasional special event. We know it’s a lot, but we are hopeful and trust in the power of the large community that the Book Exchange Library has formed throughout the years.

For reference, here are some pictures of the shelves that we had at the Shuiwei community service center, as well as our book setup for regular events:

If we are able to find a new home, we’ll hold an event as soon as humanly possible, but we really need some help to find a venue. In the meantime, join our WeChat group, it’s quite active. And of course, follow this official account too.

Hope to see you soon!

WeChat: BookExchangeSZ

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