Call out grantees: BOUND Shenzhen

Now Shenzhen   |   February 23, 2024

Encouraging civil society to hold various global community activities,Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperationnow opens application of sponsorship

“BOUND Shenzhen”(long-term sponsorship scheme!!!)

If you have experience of boosting communications between foreigners and Chinese, ideas of organizing cultural exchange events like culture learning, art appreciation, and sports events

Welcome to apply!

After you pass the evaluation, we will help you to carry out your activities and promote shared accomplishment of internationalization of Shenzhen.

Background Information

What is “Global Friendship Community”?

In order to help people from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries integrate themselvs into local life in Shenzhen,we offer platform for information communication.

What are the “Internationalization Around” series of community activities?

Since the program began, we gather different communities and get to know friends from different countries and regions.

We once supported “The Polish Picnic” event.

BOUND Shenzhen Program details

(Please read carefully)

Application requirements

“BOUND Shenzhen” aims to support civil society organizations and individual organizations to carry out international community activities and promote non-governmental exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign friends.

For activity

  1. The theme of the activity is positive. It has certain cultural or social significance, and the form of the activity can promote exchanges between Chinese and foreigners.
  2. The event organizer has ability of event planning and organizing and needs to provide feasible event plans.
  3. The activities should be open to participants from all countries, and there should be no marketing, profit making, or religious dissemination.

For application subject

  1. Share the values of the Foundation, and voluntarily join in the “Global Friendship Community” activities. 
  2. Group: There is no limitation for professional and field. The social organization should have verification and registration. The legal representative, person in charge and members of the group should have no criminal record in the world. 
  3. Individual: There is no limitation for the nationality and occupation. The individual should be at least 18 years old, with full capacity for civil conduct and no criminal record in the world.

Amount of sponsorship

We will decide the amount according to the scale and the influence of the activity. Please attach the budget table to the application form.

Application method

Please scan the QR code below to download the application form. After you fill it out, please send the form to [email protected] with its theme as “Apply for BOUND Shenzhen”.

The process of the scheme


Submit the application form


Wait for the evaluation


Submit the plan of the activity


Confirm the amount of sponsorship


Send the recruitment announcement


Carry out the activity


Post-activity publicity


Award the certification

Note: It is a long-term sponsorship scheme. If you have further question, please add WeChat: sfiec2022 for inquiry.

Look forward to your participation!

* Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation owns the right of final interpretation for this scheme

About “Meet The World Around ” Series Events

In order to promote the construction of international city of Shenzhen, SFIEC has launched a series of brand events in the name of “Meet The World Around”. By doing so, we hope everyone can feel that you are also a “co-creator” and “spokesman” in the process of Shenzhen’s internationalization construction.

Through “Meet The World Around” SFIEC Global Friendship Community events, we, together with top partners from all walks of life, brings language learning, cultural appreciation, sports experience, and other fun activities to expats and domestic citizens in Shenzhen, and creates an international atmosphere of multicultural exchange and integration.