Celebrate the Spring Festival with the Hard Rock Hoteland have fun!

Now Shenzhen   |   January 31, 2024

Celebrating the Spring Festival in the auspicious Year of the Dragon, Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen presents the “Soaring Dragon, Blissful Fun at Hard Rock” Spring Festival celebration.

From 8 – 24 February, 2024, we will bring you entertaining activities such as virtual festive greetings, love & music, fortunes of dragons, dragon dance, welcoming of God of Wealth, and a kids performance zone. There is also a rich selection of festive activities across the encompassing Mission Hills destination for our guests to ensure that they can kick of a joyful and auspicious Year of the Dragon relaxing and being entertained.

Upon arrival at the Hard Rock Hotel, the “Golden Flying Dragon”, constructed with 1680 gold plates, is there to welcome every guest. Elements of traditional drums will also be there to pave your way to the sounds of gongs and drums and the festive and lively vibe throughout the hotel.

Website: https://www.hardrockhotels.com/shenzhen/

Hard Rock Hotel

Virtual Activities

  • Virtual Festive Greetings: A new year online interactive game where guests can win prize coupons by passing the game.
  • Love & Music: Guests’ favorite lyrics are collected and voted online and the guest with the winning lyrics will receive a prize from us.

Onsite Activities

  • Fortunes of Dragons: A booklet can be collected by guests at check-in. The booklet can then be used to collect stamps at various locations throughout the hotel (1F to 6F). Festive gifts can be unlocked upon collecting a certain number of stamps.
  • Spring Festival Photo Contest: Guests are welcome to take photos that symbolize the Year of the Dragon for them within the hotel, post them on various social media platforms, and receive 38 – 388 likes to win a selection of prizes.
  • Dragon Dance (10 – 15 February): Dragon dance performance at the hotel from 1st to 6th day of Chinese New Year.
  • Kids Performance Zone: Children are welcome to sing festive songs together at Roxity Club on 6F.
  • Welcoming of God of Wealth (10 – 12 February): The God of Wealth will tour and give out gifts to guests on 1F, 2F, and 5F through 1st to 3rd day of Chinese New Year.
  • Historical Character: Our festive clown will portrait popular traditional characters and interact with guests through juggling, balloon twisting, and other activities.

Valentine’s Day

  • Roses of Music: On Valentine’s Day, a wall of roses filled with loving lyrics will greet guests at the hotel lobby. Guests can pick their favorite roses as a gift to their loved ones.



  • A celebration buffet with a Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day themes. Guests born in the Year of the Dragon can enjoy a special “4 for the Price of 3” offer.
  • Rhythm Kitchen:
    • Complementary dumplings on Chinese New Year’s Eve for each private round table booked.
    • Complementary instant photo for families on 2nd day of Chinese New Year.
    • Complementary instant photo with God of Wealth on 5th day of Chinese New Year. Guests can also dress up as the God of Wealth should they wish to.
    • 12% discount to all fish dishes to celebrate the auspicious Chinese phrase of “surplus year after year”.
    • Lantern riddle guessing game through 8th to 15th day of Chinese New Year, with festive prizes. Complementary rice dumplings for guests on Lantern Festival (15th day).
  • Hard Rock Cafe:
    • A special Valentine’s Day set menu for two from Chinese New Year’s Eve to 14 February.
    • Hotel staying guests can enjoy a 20% discount on all beverages from Chinese New Year’s Eve to 8th day of Chinese New Year.
    • Open Mic from 1st to 8th day of Chinese New Year, where music lovers can perform with the band on stage. The band will also teach our expat guests some Chinese songs. Don’t miss your chance to stardom.

Guest Rooms

  • Red Packets: Guests staying in designated room types will receive a celebration Chinese New Year red packet and a gift coupon from us.

The Spring Festival room package purchase link: https://s.jdzd.cn/a8W8BZ

Lots more festive activities are happening throughout the encompassing Mission Hills destination, and the Guanlan Ancient Village, which is a 15-minute drive away. Guests are sure to be treated to a unique and enjoyable experience during this Chinese New Year.

Mission Hills Destination

Website: http://missionhillschina.com/en

MH Mall

  • Spirits of All (13 January – 29 February): An original art exhibition, presented by Caring Hearts United Fund.
  • Year of Dragon Celebration Market (26 January – 3 February): A joyful experience with traditional Spring festival market.
  • Dragon Drumming & Fun (10 – 17 February): Non-stop traditional festive performances from 1st to 8th day of Chinese New Year.
  • Lion Dance – All as New (18 February): The lion dance has traditionally been a symbol of good luck and MH Mall presents this festive lion dance on 9th day of Chinese New Year.

Website: http://mhcentreville.com/shenzhenmhmallen/

MH Maker

  • The Great Dao is Formless (13 January – 29 February): National Grade-One Artist, Wei Qiang, presents this unique calligraphy and painting exhibition based on the three classic Chinese novels, Dream of the Red Chamber, Water Margin, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  • Spreading Wings of Dragons (27 January – 25 February): A joint exhibition of handmade arts & crafts at MH Maker. The exhibition features the works of more than ten craftsmen with a variety of techniques, showcasing the traditional dragon totems and imaging and the cultural trend of the new craftsmen in 2024.
  • Paper-cutting Salon (26 January): Chinese paper-cutting master Wang Ning designed this unique experience of traditional Chinese New Year customs for our expat friends who are spending the festive season in Shenzhen.
  • Auspicious Golden Dragon (27 January): Chinese paper-cutting master Wang Ning leads a group of a hundred participants in this unforgettable paper-cutting collaboration. The participants learn how to do paper-cutting of dragons and the dragons are put together to create a 10-meter-long dragon in celebration for the Year of Dragon.

Website: http://mhmaker.com/en-us/

MH Ecological Sports Center

  • Cherry Blossom Festival (29 January – 25 February): In its 8th edition of the cherry blossom exhibition, approximately 1000 cherry blossom and 300 peach blossom trees are being exhibited, together with a 1000m2 bed of snapdragon flowers. Celebration activities and performances such as festive clowns and magic shows through 1st to 5th day of Chinese New Year as well as a huge selection of Instagram-able photo spots are here to bring the joys of Spring Festival to all guests.

Website: http://missionhillschina.com/en/eco-park/

Guanlan Ancient Village

  • Chinese New Year’s Market: A street offering various Chinese New Year’s goods and handicrafts.
  • Ancient Village Light Show: A light show for all at 7pm every night throughout Chinese New Year.
  • Ancient Village Spring Festival Gala: Experience the rich local cultural characteristics on the stage of Guanlan Ancient Village.

Come spend this Year of the Dragon Spring Festival at Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen and Mission Hills destination with your family and loved ones! A unique and fabulous time awaits you!