Breaking News! China fully opens for Inbound on January 2023!

Now Shenzhen   |   December 21, 2022

According to Hong Kong Satellite TV’s report on Wednesday (December 21), Chinese Mainland will no longer take measures to isolate overseas entry to isolation facilities from January 3, 2023. China will also optimize the isolation policy to “0+3” (No centralized quanrantine+ three days of home isolation), which means that the mainland will be fully open in the new year period.

Following the cancellation of all mandatory quarantine procedures, arriving travellers are simply need to stay three days for medical observation at their residences or preferred hotels under the “0+3” measure.

The current quarantine period for incoming travellers on the mainland is five days at specified sites plus three days at home (the “5+3” protocol).

This means that with barriers of arriving in China  significantly attenuated,  foreigners that wish to study/work in China became much more convenient in year 2023.