Now Shenzhen   |   August 23, 2021

As of now, the visa for Philippine nationals are way too high compare than before. And as a Filipino I wonder why is this happening? Some pinoys blame it to other pinoys in HK and Macau. And others are linking the reason to some pinays who is justifying prostitution. But whatever it is, we all dont know the exact reason why the visa price gets 500% higher and more these days. And because of that….So many travel agents(or whatever kind of visa agents)are ISSUING FAKE “”F”” and “”L”” visa.(6 months & 3 months visa)and they are even saying that they can issue “”Z”” visa. which is equivalent to working visa for a less,cheaper price from those who issue legal ones.

And the reason why I post this kind of message is to remind my other kababayans to be careful on buying visa.They should know the person who they entrust their own passports.and make sure that the person is really connected to china government issuing visa for foreigners. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry and become one of the other Filipino working here in china, (mostly doing teaching jobs) deported by possessing fake business and tourist visa.