Electric Bike Ban in Force

Kelly Chan   |   August 23, 2021

Shenzhendaily, Han Ximin reported that “”A BAN on electric bikes took effect in Shenzhen, except Guangming and Pingshan new zones and four subdistricts in Longgang District, yesterday.
Police said offenders would be given warnings before a fine of RMB 200 or confiscation of the electric bikes is imposed July 1.
About 500,000 electric bicycles would be affected. Fatalities involving electric bikes had been increasing in recent years, a reason for the ban, police said. The ban would remain in place until Dec. 5 and then public opinion would be sought and adjustments would be made if necessary.
Statistics show that 38 people were killed in 167 accidents involving electric bikes in 2008, accounting for 5.7 percent of traffic fatalities that year. The death toll was 64 in 2010.
In a recent accident, two people including an electric bike rider and a passenger were seriously injured at an intersection in Bao’an District on Sunday. At Dongmen, a resident surnamed Wang said it was unfair to impose a fine because he obeyed traffic rules and the electric bike was environmentally friendly.
China issued a document last week, requiring local authorities to eliminate electric bikes that failed national standards. ”