Are you an Expat Pet Owner? Check Out Bauer’s Pet Cuisine!

Now Shenzhen   |   March 15, 2023

Bauer’s Pet Cuisine operates a full English-interface online pet store and is specialized in imported and international pet food brands. They offer a wide range of products, with English product benefits and descriptions. Bauer’s is committed to make pet food more accessible to the foreign community in China.

The Store Itself

Bauer’s online store comes at a full convenience for English speakers, besides product details and general layout even order placement and payment methods are special tailored to an English speaking community. With a straightforward menu you can navigate yourself through different kinds of pet food and other pet related products. Bauer’s has a special section for products with short shelf life coming at a great discounted price.

Product Range

Most of the well-known brands you can find around China are sold by Bauer’s, they ensure due double verification that all products sold are genuine. Bauer’s get their products directly from the official licensed importers for the Chinese market. Besides classic pet food, Bauer’s also offer less conventional pet food options such as “Veggie” and “Insect-Based” diets.

Membership Program

Bauer’s offers a yearly membership program which comes at a great bargain of only 9.9rmb/Year. The Membership program comes with lucrative discounts on all product categories. One of the main benefits of the membership program is the 3% Discount on all orders. Shipping is always free of charge, no matter the product you purchase.

Customer Service & After Sales

Bauer’s offers a professional Customer Service in English, German and Chinese. Customer Service can be reached 7 days a week, best is to use the customer service button within the WeChat Store, or just add their WeChat Account (BauersPetCuisine). Unopened products can be returned within three days after after receiving, no specific reason for the return needs to be given, you will always receive a full refund. Delivery time is 1 – 3 days.

Get In Touch If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Bauer’s Pet Cuisine directly.