Finding Reputable Real Estate Agents In Shenzhen

Nathaniel Johnson   |   August 28, 2021

Reputable Real Estate Agencies in Shenzhen.

If you are planning to live in Shenzhen, or you are already living here, you are sure to know that sometimes tricks are being played on consumers when it comes to finding an apartment in Shenzhen, for example, being offered beautiful apartments at an amazing prices only to find out later that none of those apartments were available and that the ones that are available are much more expensive.

As such we have compiled the following list of reputable Shenzhen real estate agents to take the headache out of looking for an apartment in Shenzhen.

Huachang Real Estate

Ann represents Huachang Real Estate which is based in Shekou and covers the Nanshan district which includes Shekou. Ann has lived in Shekou for almost fifteen years and has been working in the real estate industry now for about five years. Ann’s customer base is a mix of foreign expats of various nationalities and Chinese who have returned to China after either living or studying abroad. During her time at Huachang Ann has matched hundreds of satisfied tenants with landlords and in order to further strengthen her reputation in the market she goes beyond that of what is normally required of her by assisting with ongoing communication with landlords, doing random translations or even going as far as assisting to buy a piece of furniture on Taobao for your apartment.

“Because of my son, I want to be a better person and I want the community to have faith in me as an honest person as an example to him”

Sweet Home

Cady represents Sweet Home which is based in Taoyuan and covers the Luohu, Futian, Nanshan & Bao An districts. Cady has been working in the real estate industry now for about seven years and her customer base is made up mainly of foreign expats, particularly those of foreign companies whose staff reside in Shenzhen. During her time at Sweet Home Cady has assisted over 700 satisfied people to find an apartment of their choice. 

Also, Sweet Home doesn’t just find apartments for their customers, but they also manage their own properties and offer packaged services which include cleaning, utilities, internet and repair & maintenance etc. This elevates them above your normal agency and makes them more of a property management company. As such Sweet Home is able to offer a diverse range of services to their tenants such as, offering assistance to find a gym, ordering food & beverages, finding a driver or an interpreter, arranging an airport pick up or even offering advice on what tourist destinations are the best to visit.

Another thing that makes Sweet Home unique is that they also have short-term apartments available that can be rented on a monthly basis for those just staying temporarily in Shenzhen. In the past many of her friends were complaining that they could not find short term apartments without paying very high prices, so she made this resource available to better serve the demands of the market. If you are looking for a place to live for a few months, this is a great resource to have, as generally, most landlords will not sign a contract unless it is at least for a year.

“Many of my customers will introduce their friends to me as a result of being satisfied with our professional service.”

Easy Rent / HIBC

Cassie represents Easy Rent / HIBC which is based in Futian and covers all districts of Shenzhen inclusive of both Bao An & Longgang. Cassie has been working in the real estate industry now for about 5 years and her customer base is made up mainly of foreign expats. Cassie has assisted numerous expats and companies to find apartments and has since grown to a team of ten English speaking agents.

Also in addition to being able to find you that right apartment another part of Easy Rent is HIBC which is an International business consulting company that can assist with company incorporation, working visa’s and other all other business related services, whether it be looking for a serviced office of which they manage themselves, finding a warehouse to store your products or even a suitable factory to produce your products.

 “We really do understand our client’s frustrations and will do our best to find the living space that suits our client’s needs”.

There are surely other reputable real estate agents in the market, but these have proven themselves to be the stars. If you know of others that you have had a great experience with please share their contacts with us in order that we can feature them in future articles.