Guide: Christmas Shopping in Shenzhen

ShekouDaily   |   December 17, 2016

Welcome to this Special Edition: Guide to Christmas Shopping in Shenzhen Videocast and Newsletter. 


I know it’s really easy nowadays to order things online; however there is a growing pollution problem caused by the extra packaging used to fulfill the rapidly increasing online orders. Last year the waste from these courier services in China was estimated at 4 million tons to deliver 20 billion parcels…  and that’s not including delivery truck emmissions. So today we would like to encourage you to buy locally. Not only will you help lower the impact, you’ll also be supporting local businesses in the place we live.


Watch the embedded video below or read the newsletter for details on six places you can go to do your Christmas Shopping right here in Shenzhen. We hope you like. Please Like, Comment, and Share it with others. We’d also love to hear your feedback.

Shang Le Street

Starting in Shekou, for small electronics and accessories, mostly knock-offs, but at a good price, take a stroll down Shang Le Street behind Hai Chang Street right here in Shekou. There are many little shops there where you can easily find plenty of gift ideas. The nearest Metro station is Shui Wan Exit C. When you get to the top of the stairs, turn right and cross the road. Then walk down the first road in front of you and you’ll run right into Shangle Street. Turn left and you’ll immediately start seeing a variety of shops.

NoGoGo for Live Christmas Tree Shopping

If you’re looking for a Christmas Tree, stop by the NoGoGo warehouse where they have live 1.8 meter tall Spruce Trees on display for you to inspect and pickup from 8am to 5pm daily. They can deliver for you as well, if needed. and on Sunday December 11th, Santa Claus will be there from 12-4pm to greet the kids. It’s not extremely convenient to get the warehouse other than by car. the nearest metro station is Shui Wan and it’s quite a walk from there. We recommend driving or taking a taxi. Their address is 1st Floor, Building 2, ZhongJian Industrial Building, No.18 YanShan Road or here it is in Chinese for your taxi drivers 深圳市南山区蛇口沿山路18号中建工业大厦2栋首层

Dongbin Shopping Area

If you’re looking for clothing, there’s a great shopping area near the Shekou Wal-Mart. Many clothing retailers got here to buy the clothes they sell in their shops. There’s a huge selection at very good prices from many small shops scattered throughout this area. You can get some especially great deals if you’re good at bargaining. Careful though, it’s not easy to find larger sized clothing for men there. You can get there by bus or taxi. The nearest bus stop is “Shekou Walmart”. Bus numbers N4, 机场10, N26, 70, 79, 80, 113, K113, 122, 204, K204, 233, M241, 328, 332, M400, M409, M448, M484, B605 stop there. If taking a taxi, you can ask them to take you to: 蛇口东滨路4024号

Sungang Warehouse

If you’re looking for non-living Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations, go to the Sunggang Shopping Area in Luohu. This is the same place that holds the Halloween Shopping markets in October. There are many shops there with lots of great items to choose from. You can get there by bus, taxi or metro. The nearest bus stop: “SunGang CangKu” and bus numbers: N10, N16, 18, 33, 62, 63, 65, 69, 80, 207, 218, 225, 303, 321, 366, 381 and 383 stop there. The nearest metro stop is Yuan Ling off Line 9, Exit D. By taxi, ask the driver to take you to: 罗湖宝安北路1025号


Dongmen is streets and streets full of all kinds of shops, cafes and restaurants where you could easily spend the day shopping your hearts out for almost anything you need. Like most places, the better you are at bargaining, the better prices you can get. There are multiple bus and metro stops you can use to get there. Busses: 2, 3, N3, N6, 59, 64, 103B, 103, 113, 203 and M481 stop at bus stop: “Dongmen Laojie.” and busses: 1, 3, N3, N7, 11, 306, 369, M402, M403 and M482 stop at: “Dongmen Zhong”. If taking Metro Line 2 stop at HuBei and take Exit B. If taking Metro Line 1 stop at Laojie and Exit either E or A. If taking a taxi, ask your driver to take you to:  东门步行街


If you want electronics and couldn’t find what you’re looking for on Shang Le Street, take a trip down to HuaQiangBei Luohu. This is the largest electronics market in the world where you can find any kind of gadget you can image. If you need clothes in my size, there’s an area with many small shops behind the NICO woman’s world shopping center with lots of options. Buses: 4, 32, 101, K113, 203, K204, 216, M374, M383, 391 and B812 stop at Shanghai Binguan Dong or you can take Metro Line 1 and stop at HuaQiangLu Exit A or Metro Line 2 and stop at HuaQiangBei, Exit A. If going by taxi, ask your driver to take you to: 华强北路1002号

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Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Stop by the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Hotel on December 2nd from 6:00pm-7:30pm to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas Season. Join them during their Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The Choir of QSI will be there to present a wonderful Christmas Songs Performance along with Santa who will be handing out goodie bags to kids.

Venue: Hotel Lobby. Dress Code: Smart Casual

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!