Guidelines for China Visa Applications in USA

Now Shenzhen   |   March 6, 2023

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10-Year China Visa

Many Americans want to apply business visas and family reunion visas to come to China. Recently 10-year multi-entry visas are resumed application. Today we will share details of applying for a China visa in Chinese Embassy in USA. There may have different requirements in different consulates in USA.

Consular Jurisdition

Visa applications should be submitted in accordance with the consular jurisdiction of Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the United States. Please check the consular jurisdiction map below:


(1) Visa applicants need to log on to the website “China Online Visa Application (COVA)” to fill in the COVA forms, and make appointments for on-site submission at the Visa Office by the website “Appointment for Visa Application Submission (AVAS)” . 

COVA website:

Scan the QR code to login on:

1. This website is supported by Google Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher, Safari 5.0 or higher and Opera 13.0 or higher.2. Please answer each question accurately. Questions marked (*) are mandatory. You have to answer all the mandatory questions on the page before proceeding to the next step. If some of these questions do not apply to you, please tick “Not Applicable” to proceed.3. By clicking the “Save” button found on the bottom of each page what you have completed up to that point will be saved for 30 days. To return to a partially completed application, please click the “Retrieve an Application” button on the homepage and enter your application ID and Passport/Travel Document Number.4. For diplomatic and official visa applications, no AVAS appointment is required for on-site submission. 
5. Applicants must refer to the “Important Tips for online COVA visa form filling” , to ensure the COVA forms are true, accurate and complete. Once the COVA form is submitted online, no information in the form can be changed. If any adjustment needs to be made, the whole COVA forms must be filled out again. 

After completing the COVA forms as required, please make sure to print the full set of COVA forms (8-9 pages) and sign on the Confirmation Page and the 8th page. If the COVA forms are not prepared as guided, the application will not be accepted.
(2) In addition to the printed and signed COVA forms, visa applicants also need to prepare the physical required documents to submit on-site to the Visa Office. If the physical documents do not meet the requirements or not sufficient, the application may be returned, and the applicant may need to fill in the COVA forms again and make another appointment for on-site submission.
(3) The physical application documents can be submitted to the Visa Office at the appointed time by the visa applicant or by an agent with the printed “AVAS Confirmation” page. If they are unable to be present at the Visa Office at the appointed time, they must log on to the website “Appointment for Visa Application Submission (AVAS)”  to cancel the appointment at least 1 business day in advance. Otherwise, the COVA Application ID and the AVAS Appointment Number will be invalidated. The applicant needs to fill in a new COVA form and make another appointment on AVAS.
Currently only Washington D.C. embassy, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago consulates can make an appointment online.
AVAS website: the QR code to login on:

The Embassy in Washington D.C. will release AVAS appointment slots 3 times each working day, respectively at 10:00am, 3:00pm, and 10:00pm. If the applicant needs an AVAS appointment for the next working day, they can choose to make the appointment at 10:00am or 3:00pm.
(4) As of January 21, 2023, [email protected] will no longer process visa application emails. For visa applications submitted by email before January 20, if they have got the Preview Pass Number (PPN), the applicant can continue to mail the physical documents following the email guidance to complete the process. If the application has not passed the preview by email, please complete the online COVA forms and make an appointment on AVAS, and submit the whole set of physical documents to the Visa Office at the appointed time.
Only on-site submission and pick-up are acceptable. Contact us if you need agency service. 


Credit card (Master or Visa card only), money order or cashier’s check are accepted for on-site pick-up. 

Required Documents

1.Passport (The remaining validity must be more than 6 months with at least 1 blank visa page) and photocopy of the bio-page.
*If the previous multi-year multi-entry visa is on the old passport, the old passport is required to be submitted.
2. One white background photo, size:48*33mm.

3.COVA Visa Application Form. Please log on to to fill out the form online.4.Photocopy of the latest Chinese visa or the Chinese residence permit.
5.Proof of Residence (e.g., driver’s license, utility bill, bank bill).
6. Where You Stay Form.

Please note: According to the visa application requirements, applicants not in the United States cannot apply for a visa from the Consulate-General in the United States.)

7. If the applicant is a foreigner in the US, they need to provide a photocopy of green card, visa, I20, or I94 to prove their legal residence in the US.
8. If the applicant was of Chinese nationality, this application is the first Chinese visa application after naturalization in a foreign country, please provide 2 photocopies of the bio-page of the Chinese passport. In addition, the last physical Chinese passport is needed for the visa application.

9.If the applicant’s name has been changed, and it is the first time to apply for a Chinese visa after the name change, a photocopy of the name change document is required.
10. Supporting documents for different types:

  • Contents of M and F Visa Invitation Letter:
    (1) Personal information of the invitee: name, gender, date of birth, passport number, etc.

(2) Information about the invitee’s visit to China: reason for coming to China, date of arrival and departure, place of visit, relationship with the inviting unit or inviter, who will pay for the travel, etc.

(3) Inviting party information: inviting party name, address, telephone number, official seal, legal representative or inviter’s signature, date, etc. (the information must be included in the text of the invitation letter).

  • Contents of S1, S2, Q1, Q2 Visa Invitation Letter:
    Inviter’s name XX, gender X, date of birth: XX, Chinese ID number XXX (or foreign passport number XX, Chinese permanent residence card number XX), current address in China is XX, contact phone number XX, email XX.
    I hereby invite the following relatives to visit China for a short-term visit/long-term residence. He/She plans to go to China on XX, and stay in China for XX days.

Inviter’s signature:      Date:

Note: For non-qualified visa application, the Office will not explain to the applicant. Applicants are suggested not to buy flight tickets or make other travel arrangement before the visa is granted. Any economic loss arising from therefrom shall be borne by the applicants.

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