History of Minghua, at Shekou

Monica Zhou   |   August 28, 2021

maritimematters.com has an article about MingHua at Shekou by Martin Cox. Photo and copyright Martin Cox.

Launched April 5, 1962 by the French president Charles de Gaulle, she entered service September 5, with a cruise to Canary Islands, before her maiden voyage Marseilles – Dakar. She was noted for her decor and appointments, twin funnel and unusual layout with most public rooms aft and cabins forward. She sported three pools: Comfort-class pool and lido on Boat Deck, Tourist-class pool aft on A Deck, and Standard class (4 – 10 berth cabins) with a pool on the fore deck. Her service route saw her sail from Marseilles, France, to Casablanca, Morocco to the Canaries and on to Dakar, Senegal. Teamed up with with S.S. LYAUTEY, these two Paquet vessels maintained an approximately weekly service, while ANCERVILLE sometimes operated as a one-class cruise ship. In 1970, ANCERVILLE was transferred to Novelle Compagnie de Paquebots, Marseilles.

In April 1973 ANCERVILLE was purchased by The People’s Republic of China, renamed MINGHUA and placed in China and East Africa service. After 1981, under management of Burns, Philp & Co Ltd., she commenced cruising from Australia, with accommodations for 380 passengers in one class.

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