Introduction Of The Nutritious Greek Double Oven Dry Bread Paximadia) The Cretan Rusk

Manolis Papas   |   August 28, 2021

Cretan Rusk (Paximadi) is recognized by the European Union (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication) gaining widespread popularity for the natural ingredients used in production and also for high nutritional value.

The Rusk is a registered trademark of gourmet Greek food. Today has conquered the gourmet cuisine and is believed to be an ideal complement to a balanced diet.

Cretan Rusk is double baked bread taken from an old time traditional recipe, its authentic taste, quickly recognized when eating it plain or when it is accompanied by appetizers. 

This exceptional, scrumptious product is made from Wheat, Barley or Rye, can be consumed as is, or slightly moistening by soaked it in water, can be stored in a cool dry place for an extended period of time without losing its nutritional value.

History: The Cretans had discovered a way to preserve bread for long periods of time, given the fact that it was virtually impossible for them to knead and to bake daily, was discovered, if after baking have the bread out to dry, helped lose humidity and left the (paximadi) intact without losing the precious vitamins and nutrients, able to conserved for longer period of time.

Nutritional Value
Cretan Rusk contains high sources of vitamin B, antioxidants, magnesium, and phosphorus and the natural fibers contribute to good bowel movement. 

Recommended for all those who wish to follow a balanced diet and who are health conscious.

How benefit us. Cretan Rusk is pure ingredients with out preservatives  have a high nutritional value, Depending on the raw material from which are prepared, offer plenty of nutrients.

Rye Rusk are an excellent source of B vitamins parallel, containing magnesium, manganese, selenium, amino acids (such as tryptophan), fiber and antioxidants ( as lignans and selenium). 

Barley Rusk contain B vitamins, the main folic acid and vitamin B6, fiber, antioxidants, silica (helps regenerate and protect our bones), chromium (adequate intake is associated better blood sugar control for diabetics), amino acids, magnesium and phosphorus. Barley, has less gluten than wheat, dries quickly and maintained more.

Wheat is a key ingredients of Greek food. It contains proteins and amino acids, the main tryptophan is essential for teenagers and children who are in development, but also for athletes and seniors. The grain is also rich in B vitamins, fiber, and magnesium and manganese (necessary for the operation of our enzyme systems and power supply) and are necessary ingredients for who have intense daily activity and for athletes.

For all hours of the day The Rusk ideally complement each meal during the day.

Energizing Breakfast. The content of carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins gives us energy, helps to improve bowel function and prepares the body for physical and mental work day. 
Perfect Snack. Easy and practical solution for intermediate snacks, and has few calories and helps to keep blood sugar at good levels. 

Complete Lunch. An ideal meal should be full of nutrients (proteins, fat and carbohydrates). The nut and a salad meal cover ideally the ratio of the carbohydrate should have a basic meal of the day.  

Healthy and Light Evening Meal. A light-particularly at night-should contain foods low in fat low calorie to be more palatable. The Rusk, in conjunction with some cheese, tomato and olives are what you need for a light, delicious and nourishing dinner at the same time.