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Now Shenzhen   |   January 15, 2024


In the battlefield of life, have you ever felt powerless? Have you ever thought about finding a way to release your stress and exercise your body and mind? Welcome to INVINCIBLE Fight Club, Fighting is not only a sport, but also an attitude. Here, we advocate a healthy lifestyle, sharpen your will, and help you improve yourself through boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. “Benevolence” is the core concept of INVINCIBLE Fight Club. The wise have no doubts, the brave face their fears, and the determined pursuit of fortitude breeds an invincible heart. We firmly believe that the real strong, not only have a strong body, but also have indomitable spirit and courage. Our purpose is to help everyone find the inner warrior, challenge themselves, beyond the limit. Our coaching team is made up of world-class professional athletes who will take you into the world of fighting and experience different specialties. Here you build a strong body, also through fierce and actual combat practice, you can release pressure, find inner peace and tenacity. Every punch, is a challenge; every defense, is to hone perseverance. Here you can exercise and improve your physical fitness; you can learn self-defense skills; you will learn how to stay calm under pressure and how to persevere in the face of setbacks. These are all essential skills in your daily life. You can make a group of like-minded friends, achieve progress together and share the happiness of sports, and more importantly, you can constantly surpass yourself and realize your own value in challenges. Here, you can enjoy a professional training course, guided by experienced coaches, to help you improve your technical skills. In the end, you will find yourself calmer in the face of the difficulties that life throws at you, and bravely meet the challenge. We organize world-class seminars and amateur competitions to give you the chance to show and test yourself. Through consistent training you will have a healthy body, strong will and a richer life experience. At INVINCIBLE Fight Club, we believe that everyone has unlimited potential. As long as you have the courage to challenge yourself, you can become truly strong. So, don’t hesitate to join the INVINCIBLE family! Let’s embrace the charm of martial arts, to meet a better self!


20% off on seasonal and annual passes for a limited time

20% off on Adult Year Card | Kids Year Card

20% off on Adult 3-month Card | Kids 3-month Card

Old and new students receive personal training

Existing members introduce new members to join the promotion. Each new member joined will grant you a free Junior/Senior private class. There is no limit on the number of free privates.

Event deadlines and membership activation

Please read policy carefully before purchase;

INVINCIBLE Fight Club reserves all rights to final explanation;

This sales promotion ends on January 31st 2024 22:00;

Membership will be activated on March 1st 2024 latest, or extended after current membership is expired.

Packages Breakdown

Adult Year Card 成人年卡365天¥11988
Limitied Offer 限时优惠365天¥9590

Adult 3-month Card 成人季卡90天¥3988
Limitied Offer 限时优惠90天¥3190

Kids Year Card 儿童年卡365天¥12888
Limitied Offer 限时优惠365天¥10310

Kids 3-month Card 儿童季卡90天¥4288
Limitied Offer 限时优惠90天¥3430

The new class time table will be implemented from March 1st 2024.

Link to purchase an INVINCIBLE membership

Web: www.invinciblegym.com
Sina Weibo: INVINCIBLE搏击俱乐部
Douyin/TikTok: Invincible_gym
Facebook: Invincible Fight Club
Instagram: invincible_mma_bjj
WeChat: Invincible808388

Contact Us

Che Gong Miao Address:

202, 2nd Floor, Building 5,
An Hua Gong Ye Qu,
No.18 Tai Ran 8th Street,
Che Gong Miao, Shen Zhen

Contact: 180-3341-4120

She Kou Address:

203, 2nd Floor, 
Zhen Xing Industrial Building, 
No.71 Tai Zi Road, 
Zhao Shang Jie Dao,
Nan Shan District, Shen Zhen

Contact: 189-2844-0680