Living in Shenzhen as an Expat

Harry Fozzard   |   September 3, 2021

New to the City of Shenzhen? Wondering how much a loaf of fresh bread and a litre of milk will cost you in the Markets of Shenzhen? Then read on for some tips and price ranges that you will expect and should look out for when living in Shenzhen.

Out of three hundred international cities, the average monthly utilities cost in the City of Shenzhen ranks on spot number 149, which is about RMB 400 for internet connection, water, electricity, gas and even garbage disposal services. Prices for clothing and shoes are quite high, with a rank of sixty from three hundred. A pair of Levi’s Jeans will cost you an average of RMB 530 per pair while a pair of Nike shoes will set you back RMB 660.

The average salary for middle class workers in Shenzhen is about RMB 2160 ranging from RMB 1440 – 2950 per month. Financing is quite helpful in the city as mortgage rates per year do not usually go beyond three per cent. But if you are employed as a foreign English teacher, you might not need help from financial institutions as you shall expect a monthly salary that balloons up to as high as RMB 13100 of salary per month!

Thinking of eating out? A international buffet at the Tiara Restaurant will cost you about RMB 330 per head. This would actually be a reasonable amount if you had all the time to leisurely eat to your heart’s content and stomach’s capacity. If you are on the go, then your neighbourhood eatery offering Cantonese cuisine shall be your best bet when you want to save on money.

In the mood for a shopping spree? Or maybe you just need to replenish supplies at home? If you have money to burn, then you might want to check out the so-called skyscraper mall of China, MixC Shopping Mall. This destination is very complete yet really expensive. On a tight budget but itching for western products perhaps? Then King Glory Plaza is the place for you. It is dubbed as the duty free capital of China and you will surely find those favourite treats of yours from home, wherever in the world you are from. If however you are those thrifty shoppers, then check out the old school or traditional glory of the Dongmen in the Luohu District. This market-style shopping destination was actually established for three hundred years already and is fondly called the old ruins of Shenzhen as it has been there even before there was a City of Shenzhen.

Despite being one of the highest priced Chinese cities to live in, with the right tips and the proper attitude, you will be able to live a fairly comfortable life in Shenzhen.

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