Marriott Hotel Nanshan launches heritage-themed afternoon tea

Now Shenzhen   |   April 4, 2024

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan has introduced an intangible cultural heritage-themed afternoon tea, showcasing three intangible cultural heritage projects and their inheritors. These inheritors are presenting their selected works in the hotel’s 43rd-floor lobby lounge and will host three art salons, providing guests with the opportunity to delve into the beauty of cultural heritage. Guests are cordially invited to explore the lobby lounge until May 31, immersing themselves in traditional arts through sensory exploration and savoring the essence of traditional craftsmanship.

The intangible cultural heritage-themed afternoon tea. Photo courtesy of Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

The hotel inaugurated the themed afternoon tea with a launch event March 29. Esteemed Chinese contemporary paper-cutting artist Guo Meng guided attendees through an engaging paper-cutting session, unveiling a vibrant world at their fingertips. Guo, who hails from a family with a rich artistic legacy, honed her paper-cutting and engraving skills from a young age. By mastering traditional techniques and pushing boundaries through innovation, she creates works that not only feature traditional patterns but also depict landscapes and cityscapes.

Guo Meng gives a paper-cutting course March 29.

The hotel will host a lecture by Gong Shaochong, a custodian of lacquer art, in April. Gong’s passion for lacquerware, particularly inlaid silver lacquerware, traces back to his high school years. His works have graced exhibitions at prominent venues like Kensington Palace in the U.K., where they were even collected by Queen Elizabeth II.

A guest takes a photo on the lacquerware on display.

During this period, guests will also be introduced to Xiangyun Silk, a traditional dyeing technique with a storied history in the Lingnan region. Referred to as “soft gold” due to its intricate production process and strict climate and soil requirements, Xiangyun Silk will be demonstrated by heritage bearer Xing Lili, who played a role in advocating for its inclusion in the national-level intangible cultural heritage list. Xing has been actively advocating for the resurgence of Chinese intangible heritage crafts, showcasing Xiangyun Silk in vibrant new palettes imbued with Chinese elegance and humanistic flair.

Guo Meng’s paper-cutting works are on display.

This unique afternoon tea experience harmoniously blends traditional elements by featuring Chinese pastries that capture a naturally fresh flavor. Executive Chef Wang Xueliang and his team have crafted over 10 tea treats, including a shell-shaped green bean cake filled with bird’s nest and red bean paste, a colorful tiramisu with green and speckled cream between cocoa wafers, and a jasmine matcha cheesecake redolent with a robust tea aroma. For savory delights, guests can indulge in the crab leg roll with sturgeon caviar and the goose liver aspic with black truffle and sake. Paired with the lingering taste of a Chinese-style cold-infused Longjing jasmine tea, guests can savor the aromatic allure of tea on a sunny spring day.