MKW Bash at the Bay 3 Event on January 27th!

Now Shenzhen   |   January 15, 2024

Live pro wrestling returns to Shenzhen with MKW Bash at the Bay 3 on January 27! Tickets on sale now!

The “MKW Bash at the Bay 3” premium live event, scheduled for January 27 at the Nanshan Digital Innovation Exhibition Centre in Shenzhen, features a stellar lineup of 7 super-sized high-stakes matches.

MKW Bash at the Bay is considered a pinnacle event in the scene of Chinese pro wrestling, including live pro wrestling, live music, contests, prizes, and more. We welcome seasoned pro wrestling fans and those who are curious to Enter the Kingdom that is Middle Kingdom Wrestling!

The full lineup includes China’s best pro wrestlers along with some of the biggest pro wrestling stars from Japan, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. MKW Bash at the Bay 3 boasts the most stacked pro wrestling card ever put together in China. The full card features pro wrestlers formerly seen on WWE, such as Yoshi Tatsu, as well as Japanese women and Singaporean women’s wrestlers, with three highly anticipated championship matches in the world, Belt & Road, and tag team wrestling divisions.

In addition to excellent live pro wrestling matches taking place, there will also be a live musical performance by the composer of the MKW Bash at the Bay 3 theme song, “Trophies,” by Shenzhen-based American rapper SJ the Artisan!

Even better, every guest who purchases a ticket will have the opportunity to participate in a raffle, with several pro wrestling-related prizes up for grabs, including WWE action figures, MKW trading cards, issues of Pro Wrestling Illustrated straight from North America, and much more!

To add even more value, ticket buyers of the VIP and VVIP levels are able to attend a free Meet and Greet event before the main event to interact with some of the most popular wrestlers in the region – ensuring a memorable experience for a lifetime!

And ticket buyers at the VVIP level receive exclusive, extremely limited edition autographed MKW pro wrestling cards as a special gift, and more!

Don’t miss the biggest Chinese pro wrestling event ever to take place in the Greater Bay Area. Experience the excitement, action, and wonder of Middle Kingdom Wrestling!

Tickets are available exclusively on the Maoyan ticket platform. Scan for tickets now!

Please note: While alcohol won’t be sold on the event premises, this is not a dry event, and you may bring your own drinks if you desire.

MKW Bash at the Bay 3




演出地点/Venue: 南山数码创新展示中心“深圳数字中国产业创新基地国际会展中心” / Shenzhen Digital innovation Exhibition Center

地址/Address: 深圳大湾区科技园粤海街道科技中三路5号国人大厦A栋 / Shenzhen Dawanqu Keji yuan

YueHai JieDao Keji ZhongSanLu No.5 Building A

票价/Ticket: ¥398起